9-year-old rugby sensation goes 'beast mode' on his opponents

/ Source: TODAY

Anyone trying to try to tackle this 9-year-old rugby sensation should do so at their own risk.

Australian boy Meaalofa Te'o laid waste to the competition at a tournament in Canberra last weekend, steamrolling would-be tacklers like former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch rag-dolling defenders in his "Beast Mode" heyday.

A video showing Te'o using his size advantage and his surprising agility that was posted on the USA Rugby Sevens Facebook page has been watched more than 30 million times.

If he's not bowling over smaller children or stiff-arming them into the parking lot, he's hopping around them and outrunning them downfield.

"This is only a very short clip that only shows some of his more obvious strengths," Moroni Martin, who uploaded the video, told the Sydney Morning Herald. "He is just a kid playing a game that he loves."

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Te'o's pyrotechnics on the field also have some calling for weight restrictions similar to those used in American youth football, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

If rugby doesn't work out, he could always come to the U.S., put on a helmet and pads and terrify a new set of children.

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