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By Kavita Varma-White

We asked TODAY Parents to share photos of kids on their first day of school and loved many of the creative ways parents are marking each year, from signs to chalk art to inventive ways to show how their kids have grown. Here, nine creative ways to capture the memory of your child's return to school.

1. The leaping parent pose

There is really only one way to explain how many parents feel about the start of school, and mom Elizabeth Renee expresses it perfectly in this photo she posted to the TODAY Parents Facebook page:

Yippee! Elizabeth Renee does not hide her feelings about having her kids go to school. Today

2. The "heck no, I won't go" pic 

Your back-to-school photo might not turn out as planned; and those pictures often end up being the most treasured ones. The end of summer came hard for Isabella Santos, shown below.

Isabella Santos would rather not face the first day of pre-Kindergarten.Today

3. The chalk it up to another year photo

Here's to one member of the graduating class of 2027!Today

4. The 'My, how I've grown' pose

Emma starting 2nd grade by holding a pic of what she looked like starting 1st grade.Today

5. The 'I'm gonna be a big kid someday' T-shirt 

Mom Kirsten Bradshaw made this shirt for her son and will take a picture of him in it each year to see how he grows.

We can't wait to see how this T-shirt fits when this little guy is in high school! Today

6. Sign me up for another year

First jitters here.Today

7. The twining siblings pose (no matter the age difference)

Twinning on the first day of 1st grade and Pre-K.Today

8. The 'Too cool for school' pose

Too cool (but still going to school).Today

9. The 'Photobombing parent' pic

The best ever photo bomb by Dad as his 5th grader is ready for school.Today

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