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8 Valentine's Day crafts for non-crafty moms and dads

Crafts that are so easy and cute that you'll actually WANT to make them with your kids.
/ Source: TODAY

This can be a tough time of year for not-so-crafty parents. Images of adorable Valentine’s Day crafts are EVERYWHERE — but you know in your heart of hearts that you’ll never make any of them.

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But wait! Not so fast! These ideas, from our TODAY Parenting Team contributors, are so easy and so cute that you’ll actually want to make them with your kids. You’ll also want to wear them, display them, eat them and give them away as gifts.

1. Heart Button Covers (Angie Goff)

Shirt with felt hearts on buttons
Courtesy of Angie Goff

“Transform any shirt by cutting out felt hearts with a slit,” TODAY Parenting Team contributor and NBC broadcast journalist Angie Goff said. “Just slip over buttons.” Ta-da!

2. Conversation Pretzel Hearts Edible Craft (Laura Fuentes of

Conversation pretzel hearts craft
Courtesy of Laura Fuentes /

"If you can melt chocolate, you can make these chocolate pretzel hearts with the kids, and they are a great yummy treat to gift their friends," Fuentes wrote. "All you need are pretzels, chocolate and conversation hearts."

Here's a video that shows how to make the pretzel hearts:

3. Toilet Paper Lovebugs (Melissa Roy of

Toilet-paper-roll lovebugs
Courtesy of Melissa Roy /

“These cute little buggers are made from two paper hearts for the wings, a paper wrapped toilet paper roll, pipe cleaner antennae and a few google eyes!” Roy wrote.

4. Love Rocks game (Angie Goff)

Love rocks Xs and Os game
Courtesy of Angie Goff

“Kids can paint rocks and create their own game of Xs and Os,” Goff said. (You can tickle kids and give them a whole bunch of kisses or hugs, depending on who wins each round of tic-tac-toe.)

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5. Toilet Paper Hearts (Elaine Alguire of The Miss Elaine-ous Life)

Toilet-paper-roll heart art
Courtesy of Elaine Alguire / The Miss Elaine-ous Life

"Have the kids bend the toilet paper rolls to look like some type of heart shape. It usually ends up looking pretty abstract, but that is part of the appeal!" Alguire wrote. "Once the heart is created, dip the end of the roll into the paint and "stamp" your paper all over with hearts. Now set aside to dry. Yes, it is that easy!"

6. Pop-Up Hearts (Angie Goff)

Pop-up heart art
To make this pop-up heart art, Angie Goff used a free template from Oh Joy!Courtesy of Angie Goff

"Kids love pop-ups!" Goff said. "Use construction paper, wrapping paper, and stickers, confetti, markers — whatever you want to dress it up."

7. Confetti Photo Valentine (Angie Goff)

Valentine's Day photo craft
Courtesy of Angie Goff

"I’m actually doing this craft with my son’s preschool class but it is perfect for grandparents and adults, too," Goff said. "You can use any photo to make this keepsake. Using Washi tape, put the picture in a clear case. Hockey puck display cases from the Container Store are perfect ($2.99). Fill them with confetti, small heart candies, etc."

8. Conversation Hearts Purse (Angie Goff)

Heart purse with words
Angie Goff said she got the idea for this craft from of Angie Goff

To pull off this creation — which can be used as a cute accessory or as a Valentine card holder — Goff said you just need a papier mâché heart box, some paint, some ribbon and alphabet stickers.

"We painted (the box), dried it, punched two holes in the side and glued the lid on," Goff said. "From the outside in I threaded a piece of ribbon through the holes on the side and tied a knot to secure and make the strap. (To form the opening), we drew a rectangle on the top of the heart and cut it out with an X-Acto knife. The most difficult part was deciding what message to go with!"

This story was originally published in February 2017.