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8 easy and fun homemade Father's Day gifts Dad will love

Here are eight ways to get creative with the kids for Father's Day and make something Dad will really treasure.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Tie? Home-improvement store gift card? Those Father's Day gifts are useful, but they'll be forgotten by this time next year. This year, get creative with your kids and make something personal that Dad will adore. (But let's get realistic too -- we need easy gifts that won't end up as major Pinterest Fails.)

Here are 8 suggestions for all kinds of fathers.

1. For the Dressed-Up Dad

If Dad has to wear a tie to work, he might as well have a stylish and super-cute tie tack. This Shrinky Dinks tie tack is easy to make, and you can personalize it with any picture. Just grab the special shrinking printer paper from the craft store, print a picture on it, and bake in your oven following the simple instructions. Your kids will love watching the picture shrink down while it bakes. When it’s cooled, attach it to a tie tack. You could even make pins or keychains — perfect for Grandpa!

If Dad has to dress up, he should have this cute tie clip.Amanda Mushro

2. For the Dad in Whose Footsteps They Long to Follow

Depending on how many feet you’re working with, write out a sweet message to Dad on your kid’s feet and snap a pic. So easy and but oh-so cute.

Now this is a picture-perfect Father's Day gift.Amanda Mushro

3. For the Dad Who Needs a Break

Even Dad needs a little pampering, but if a trip to the spa isn’t his kind of relaxation, let Dad get a massage at home thanks to this racetrack shirt. Using markers, draw a road on the back of a t-shirt and have the kids drive their cars all over the road. The kids will be entertained, and Dad gets a back massage. Now this is the gift that keeps on giving.

No need for a spa day with this shirt.Amanda Mushro

4. For a Tee-rific Dad

If you’ve got a golf-loving guy, let your kids decorate a few golf balls for him and make this silly tee critter from half of a floral ball. Clearly a gift this cute will improve his golf game year round.

Clearly, this gift will help Dad's golf game.Amanda Mushro

5. For the Smooth Dad

If you’re gifting dad some shaving essentials, let your kids make him homemade shaving cream. By mixing coconut oil, shea butter, and adding in a few drops of your favorite essential oils like almond, vanilla, or peppermint, you can ensure Dad's face is treated with the love it deserves.

Dad will love this homemade shaving cream.Amanda Mushro

6. For the Dad Who Needs His Own 'Stache'

Give Dad his own stash of treats that he doesn’t have to share with anyone. The "Dad’s Stache" sign makes it clear this basket is all his.

It's Father's Day and he doesn't have to share any of his "stache."Amanda Mushro

7. For the Dad Who Rocks

Let Dad know just how much he “rocks” while he indulges that sweet tooth with these yummy cupcakes covered in candy rocks.

Let Dad know how much he rocks with this sweet treat.Amanda Mushro

8. For the King of the Grill

Let Dad whip up a special Father’s Day BBQ with a homemade sauce your kids make for him. Here’s an easy and delicious BBQ sauce recipe to try.

Dad can fire up the grill and use this homemade BBQ sauce.Amanda Mushro

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