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/ Source: TODAY
By Terri Peters

After her recent Uptown Funk parody went viral, Deva Dalporto decided to let the news interviews and television appearances go to her head by channeling her inner celebrity in a new kind of video – her own version of Vogue’s 73 Questions video series, in which an interviewer asks celebs a list of rapid-fire questions, all in one take.

Dalporto, who blogs at My Life Suckers, wanted to show what one of the celebrity interviews would be like if a busy mom was caught off guard at home, with laundry to do and kids under foot.

The San Francisco area mom-of-two asked her Facebook followers for questions, some of which she attempts to answer in the video which was shot by her husband Gabe, who also poses as interviewer.

“I tried to answer as many questions as I could while my kids/life were going on in the background. Let’s just say it’s not quite as polished as the Vogue ones. I mean, I doubt Victoria Beckham’s kid would get a time out in the middle of her video like my kid does,” Dalporto wrote on her blog.

"I wanted the video to just show what it would be like if a real mom was getting interviewed in her home, unlike the perfect 'Hollywood' moms who have a quiet, beautiful, clean house behind their interviews," Dalporto told TODAY Parents. "Everything that happened in the video with my son just happened. We didn't stage one second of it. It was all real life."

In addition to her son getting a time out (for calling his Daddy “dumb”) in the video, Dalporto hilariously handles her children’s interruptions and the chaos of her home while discussing her views on volunteer committees, reality television, and her love of yoga pants and Target tank tops.

When Dalporto’s interviewer (her husband) asks her how many days in a row she has worn the same yoga pants, she replies, “I put on fresh yoga pants every day,” then laughs and admits, “All right. Three.”

And which celebrity mom would the parody queen trade spots with?

“Duchess Kate. Because I’d have a legit reason to wear a tiara.”

As the barrage of questions winds down, Dalporto offers sage advice when the interviewer asks her what her best self-care tip is for other moms.

“Take a break once in a while. Hide in the bathroom.”

This article was originally published Mar. 6, 2015 at 11:42 a.m. ET.