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This 7-year-old threw the sweetest backyard prom for his nanny

When the pandemic canceled his nanny's senior prom, Curtis Rogers took matters into his own hands.

After learning that his nanny’s prom was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 7-year-old Curtis Rogers decided he would throw her a “mini prom” himself.

A senior at Sanderson High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, Rachel Chapman has worked as a nanny for the Rogers family for the past year. After a Class of 2020 parade in her neighborhood, Chapman returned home and found Curtis standing in front of her house with a sign that read: “Mini Prom isn’t today but will you go on Monday?” It was his version of a “promposal.”

When Rachel Chapman's high school prom was cancelled because of COVID-19, her 7-year-old charge, Curtis Rogers, threw one for her.Rachel Chapman

“He came up with the slogan," Elissa Rogers, Curtis’ mother, told TODAY. "He’s a pretty creative kid and really wanted to make sure everything was perfect.”

“She said yes to our mini prom and she came over two days later,” Curtis added.

On prom night, Curtis picked out his outfit himself — a navy checkered tuxedo complete with a purple bow tie that matched Chapman’s dress.

Once Chapman arrived, Curtis was waiting outside with a red pool noodle. It was an idea Elissa came up with as a clever way to promote social distancing during the prom.

In the backyard, Curtis had set a long table for the two of them complete with a fancy place setting, flowers, and Chapman’s senior portrait.

Dinner at the DIY backyard prom included Chick-fil-A and Tropical Smoothies. Curtis even remembered Rachel's favorite sauce. Rachel Chapman

For dinner, Curtis planned a full meal of their favorite foods; apples and peanut butter as an appetizer, Chick-fil-A for dinner, and Tropical Smoothies for dessert.

“It was really sweet. He even got my favorite drink and sauce. He remembered it all,” said Chapman, 17, who will be attending East Carolina University in the fall.

And of course no prom would be complete without dancing. The playlist, curated by Curtis, included songs from the movies “Frozen” and “Moana."

Chapman was touched that Curtis wanted to do something so nice for her. “It made me feel special because it showed me he really cared,” she said.