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'Will you marry my dad?': 5-year-old helps father pop the big question

A 5-year-old boy helped his dad pop the big question in a unique proposal that featured a mountain top and "Battlestar Galactica."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

When André Nordstrand was planning to propose to Anne-Marije Weerstra, he wanted to combine some of the things they both loved: mountain tops, “Battlestar Galactica,” and Nordstrand’s 5-year-old son, Kristian, to name a few.

In a video that went viral this week, Nordstrand pulls off a unique proposal, filmed and delivered to Weerstra by Kristian himself.

The video shows young Kristian approaching Weerstra on the top of Norway’s Dalsnuten Mountain, presenting her with a box containing a gift. “It’s a secret for you,” Kristian says.

As Weerstra opens the gift, which contains a ring Nordstrand custom-designed for her attached to a toy, Kristian asks her, “Will you marry my dad?”

Weerstra, of course, says yes.

Nordstrand says he is thankful his son and his fiancée have a good relationship, adding that Kristian recently asked Weerstra if she and his dad were going to get married while the trio was driving in the car. Because he wanted his son to be a part of the special moment, Nordstrand asked Kristian for his help earlier in the day, presenting him with a “Big Hero 6” toy as a way of thanking him.

“I’m positive he didn’t need anything to help me out…but I felt he deserved it,” said Nordstrand.

Anne-Marije Weerstra and André Nordstrand love to hike.
Anne-Marije Weerstra and André Nordstrand love to hike.Courtesy André Nordstrand

So what’s the deal with the toy shown in the proposal video? Nordstrand had a 3-D printed model of a Cylon Raider — from “Battlestar Galactica” — created to attach the ring to.

“(She) and I met at her brother’s while watching the show, and we both loved it and it later became ‘our show,’” said Nordstrand.

He and Weerstra are shocked their proposal video — which they initially uploaded to YouTube to share with family and friends — has gone viral.

“It’s more or less surreal, with so many responses from so many who have viewed the video…it was certainly not expected…it’s suddenly an Internet sensation,” said Nordstrand.

“My fiancée is really happy about this. She has been waiting for me to propose for a while now, so I definitely knew the answer,” Nordstrand told TODAY Parents.

“Living in Norway, we have a lot of beautiful mountains to visit. We do like to hike a lot to these mountaintops, so it felt natural for me to have the proposal take place on one. Anne-Marije said she always suspected a mountain proposal, but the timing was not expected at all.”