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After getting new glasses, this baby sees his mom clearly for the first time

Emil is 5-months-old and thanks to his new glasses, just saw his mom clearly for the first time.
/ Source: TODAY

Emil Rosenhøj is 5 months old, but he he only just saw his parents clearly for the first time.

His mother, Christine Rosenhøj, posted a video of little Emil trying out his new glasses, and to say our hearts melted would be a sincere understatement.

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“It was an amazing moment,” Rosenhøj told TODAY. “It was like being a mom again. It was the first time he looked at me and recognized me.”

Now that Emil has his glasses, nothing is slowing him down. Rosenhøj has made sure to continue documenting all of his newest experiences, including meeting a new friend.

Roughly translated from Danish, the post says, "Meet Emil's new friend Noah. He also just got glasses."

It's very clear that life with glasses has opened an entirely new world for Emil.

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“Everything is different,” said Rosenhøj. “He’s looking at everything now — the dogs and his toys — he smiles to us when we talk and play. He is laughing a lot more now because he can see our faces.”

His joy is truly apparent in everything he does, and it's changed everything.

"We had a happy boy before he got glasses," said Rosenhøj. "But now I think he is the most happiest boy in the world. He laughs and smiles all day long."