40 bottles a day! Catching up with the Derrico quintuplets

Evonne and Deon Derrico always wanted a big family. They got their wish, and then some, when Evonne gave birth to quintuplets last fall (naturally conceived!). 

TODAY caught up with little Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician and Daiten, who are all out of the hospital and settled in to their Las Vegas home. They've gotten a warm welcome from the Derricos' other children, 8-year-old Darian, 3-year-old Derek and 2-year-old twins Dallas and Denver. (Names starting with a "D" are a tradition from Deon's side of the family.)

The quintuplets in the hospital after their Sept. 6 birth. Top left: Deonee, Deniko; bottom left, Daiten, Dariz; middle, Daician.Today

"I won't even lie, it is hard!" Evonne told TODAY. "I tell people, do not try this at home."

Evonne says they feed the babies 40 bottles a day, and change more than 100 diapers. "You change 'em, you finish and go to the next one, and they realize the one you just changed did it all over again."

The family seems to have it together, but they have their crazy moments — like Thanksgiving, when after packing everything up the night before and getting everyone else ready to go, Evonne and Deon both realized they forgot their shoes.

Oh well, that sort of thing happens when you've got little kids — especially five babies at once! Their only real worry, Deon told TODAY: "I don't want any of them to grow up thinking they didn't get enough love."

That doesn't seem to be a problem. Judging from the smiles, care and attention the Derrico children get from their parents, and each other, there's plenty of love to go around.

The family, before the birth of the quintuplets: parents Deon and Evonne Derrico, twin boys Dallas (on Deon's knee) and Denver (on Evonne's knee), daughter Darian and son Derrick.Today