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Dad places microphone on son during hockey game to hear his hilarious commentary

"I'm going to BaDonald's with my dad after this."
/ Source: TODAY

While watching his 4-year-old son Mason's hockey practice, Jeremy Rupke couldn't help but wonder what his son was chattering about to his teammates and coaches on the ice.

So Rupke attached a microphone to Mason at a recent practice to get a better idea.

In the video, which has received nearly 6 million views on Rupke's YouTube channel, Mason skates around the ice saying some pretty hilarious things.

"I'm doing it," Mason exclaims as he counts "one, two" over and over, attempting to skate across the ice.

Later, the tiny athlete asks his dad if they can go to "BaDonald's" (McDonald's) after practice and talks to his coach about ordering a "baby Happy Meal" when he gets there.

The Rupke family: Jeremy, Sammy, Mason and Olivia.Jeremy Rupke

Rupke, who coaches hockey himself, says his son loves the video and laughs at all the parts where he falls down on the ice.

But the Canadian dad says the part of the video he finds most amusing is when Mason lies on the ice, unable to stand up.

"I had a good laugh when he was apparently being held down by an invisible 'old paint can,'" Rupke told TODAY Parents. "There was no one around him and he was struggling to get up and said, 'Let go of me you old fat can, old paint can,' then gets up and skates away."

Mason's dad, Jeremy Rupke, says the 4 year old laughed the hardest at the parts of the video where he fell on the ice.Jeremy Rupke

"Mason has a knack for saying some pretty funny and unexpected things," Rupke told TODAY Parents. "His imagination is incredible."