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4-year-old girl's made-up song 'Leave Me Alone' is the anthem we all need

"It’s the vibrato for me!!! SHE IS A BIG MOOD!!" Taraji P. Henson wrote.
/ Source: TODAY

Milan Marie, 4, was sitting in her car seat when she belted out a made-up song that is becoming the quarantine anthem so many people can relate to after being stuck inside for too long with other people.

"I want you to leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone," she belted out, each time getting even more soulful as she repeated the lyrics of her original tune.

Milan Marie's mother, Jovan Phillips-Lloyd, regularly breaks out her smartphone, films her adorable daughter when she bursts into song and shares the videos on an Instagram account where the "mini influencer" has 378,000 followers.

The "Leave Me Alone" song, which was posted on Jan. 21, turned out to be her biggest hit yet. The video has been watched more than 265,000 times on Milan Marie's Instagram account and more than 1.1 million times after actor Taraji P. Henson reposted it.

"It’s the vibrato for me!!! SHE IS A BIG MOOD!!" Henson wrote.

Phillips-Lloyd told TODAY Parents that her daughter has always loved to sing at home, but she "turned into a whole different person during quarantine."

"Before, Milan was very shy. She wouldn't speak to people, but I promise when quarantine started, she started saying hello to the neighbors and knows all their names," Phillips-Lloyd said. "Everything you see on Instagram has always been her, but in public she was more reserved. Now she speaks to people and gives them a little too much information!"

Milan Marie lives in Philadelphia with her parents and three older brothers, ages 16, 13 and 10.

"Pretty much everyone in Philadelphia who knows Milan knows our entire family," Phillips-Lloyd said of her daughter's viral fame. "Her brothers aren’t jealous. They’re too busy playing their games."

While Milan Marie's videos have won her plenty of new fans and people who believe she's destined to be a famous singer, the 4-year-old's current career aspiration is to "be a mom." (When her mom previously asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, she said she wants to "be funny.")

As long as Milan Marie continues to have fun making videos, her mom said she'll continue to share them.

"People are saying she’s a prodigy or going to be a singer, but I want people to be mindful she is still 4," Phillips-Lloyd said. "I want her to enjoy who she is. I don't want the world to expect her to do things. We are just going to enjoy it and take it day by day."

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