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/ Source: TODAY Contributor
By Terri Peters

Every day in October, we’re bringing you Halloween costume inspiration from the TODAY Parenting Team. We’ve asked our fellow parents to share their favorite costumes, whether it’s awe-inspiring DIY creations or quick-and-easy store-bought solutions. It’s all about making the little goblins happy, right?

Bookmark this page for a new costume idea every day, and share your own Halloween photos and stories on the TODAY Parenting Team.

October 4: Solar System

We're loving this out of this world costume created by Destiny Paquette.Destiny Paquette

This space-themed DIY costume comes courtesy of Destiny Paquette, who shared it with the TODAY Parenting Team.

There's also a full tutorial on Paquette's blog, Suburban Wife City Life, where she shows how she added a toy solar system kit to a black skirt, and paired it with a yellow shirt and crown and black tights to transform her daughter into something out-of-this-world.

Destiny Paquette

"This costume turned out so great," Paquette wrote. "We love how it’s both a science lesson and something fun. I promise you it will be hit in your child's class or while out collecting candy."

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