31 days of Halloween costumes: Family 'Up' costume

/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Every day in October, we’re bringing you Halloween costume inspiration from the TODAY Parenting Team. Our fellow parents are sharing their favorite costumes, whether they're awe-inspiring DIY creations or quick-and-easy store-bought solutions. It’s all about making the little goblins happy, right?

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October 28: Family 'Up' costume

JrFlaitz/TODAY Parenting Team

One of the most impressive family Halloween costumes we've seen is this 'Up' costume — themed around the Disney movie — created by TODAY Parenting Team Contributor JrFlaitz.

The creative mom shared the costume in a post on the TODAY Parenting Team, saying even her husband and her kids' grandparents got involved in putting the costumes together.

"The Kevin costume was the most time-consuming with the head made out of pool noodles, masking tape, felt and chicken wire," she wrote.

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"Biggest regret was the house was actually made of wood (my husband insisted on authenticity) but it, of course, was a heavy undertaking for my 9-year-old daughter," she continued. "Cardboard would have been sufficient but like a true champ, she never complained."

Sometimes it takes a village to get a family looking this great!