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3-month-old baby tells dad 'I love you' — or does he?

Listen to little Ben for yourself and see if you hear what his proud pop hears.
/ Source: TODAY

At 3 months old, babies hit many milestones, including holding up their heads on their own, grabbing toys and mastering baby babble.

But one thing that's usually not on that list of early accomplishments is forming complete sentences. Still, according to one dad, that's just what his 3-month-old son did.

"My baby boy Ben said 'I love you' for the first time," proud father Ted Moskalenko wrote in a caption on YouTube. "Good thing my wife had the camera rolling. Enjoy!"

In the clip, Moskanlenko clearly says "I love you" to the happy baby. And little Ben? Well, listen for yourself and see if you hear what dad hears.

According to, while 3 months isn't exactly the age for full sentences, it is a prime time for babies to imitate sounds they hear around them.

Regardless of what Ben says or doesn't say in the video, we certainly like what we hear!

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