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3 DIY tricks under $10 to make your baby's nursery extra-special

Too busy to decorate the nursery? Not anymore! The TODAY Parenting Team brings you low-cost, DIY decor options for the ultimate nursery.
/ Source: TODAY

When you’re having a baby, you have a million things on your mind, and decorating your nursery might seem like a daunting task. The TODAY Parenting Team recently weighed in with ideas on everything related to pregnancy, including setting up the nursery.


But just because you’re pressed for time and cash doesn’t mean you can’t fill it with easy-to-make décor you, and your baby, will love. Our TODAY Parenting team has some low-cost tips to help you create the ultimate DIY nursery, with help from lifestyle expert and Parenting Team member Brit Morin of Brit + Co. (Disclosure: Brit is also a spokesperson for Johnson's Baby, which sponsors the TODAY Parenting Team.)

Here are our three favorite nursery ideas under $10:


1. Clothespin Rack

Babies tend to come with a lot of small, easy-to-lose accessories. A clothespin rack not only keeps all of those mittens, bows and hats handy, but looks great too! All this super-easy piece takes is a piece of wood from the hardware store, clothespins and a glue gun, and your rack is ready for whatever you throw at it.

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2. Dried Flowers

You might get a lot of flowers when you’re expecting — baby showers, congratulatory bouquets, that time your husband needed to apologize for not stopping at Taco Bell on his way home (what, was that just us?) — eventually, they all start to add up! Why not turn them into décor? You can press those flowers into basic frames for some simple and pretty wall art. Alternatively, dry them out and hang them upside down from the wall of your nursery. Using a simple wooden plank, which you can purchase at any hardware store for a few dollars, you can hang the dried flowers using twine. Bonus: it adds a natural floral scent to the room!

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3. Rainbow Dresser Knob Hooks

To brighten up the room with some rainbow colors, try using drawer knobs as wall pegs for hanging storage. You can create a grid-like pattern to hold all kinds of odds and ends for your little one. You can find dresser knobs online, at hardware stores, or even at flea markets, usually for just a few dollars. You might already have some in your home, in which case a little spray paint will do the trick!

Whether you’re expecting or you’re a parent already, make sure to check out more and become a member of our TODAY Parenting team!