The 28 best gifts for 10-year-olds in 2019

Between kid and tween, 10 can be a tricky age, but these are sure to be a hit!
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By Carey Reilly

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Your growing 10-year-old might be teetering between still being a kid who lights up when he gets a toy and turning into a tween who can’t be bothered.

To eliminate the possibility of a tween tantrum, we've curated the perfect list of gifts for 10-year-olds at all levels of maturity. From the hot new Hatchimals to the coolest virtual roller coaster and a clay charm making kit, these are the best gifts for 10-year-olds, according to a real mom.

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Our Top Gifts for 10-year-olds

Your kids will love the challenge of memorizing the light sequence and following along for as long as possible without breaking the pattern. The game is equipped with one or two player modes.

  • 2. Make Clay Charms by Klutz, $17, Amazon

Use your imagination to create over 30 different styles of charms including doughnuts, puppies and more. This craft kit includes tools, clay, glaze and instructions for creating custom jewelry.

One of these naughty cats is guilty of a feline crime. Follow the paw prints and other clues to detangle the mystery of who is the criminal cat!

  • 4. Chrono Bomb Night Vision, $17 (originally $30), Amazon

This fun new spy game lets your kids accept their very own classified mission. Kids will love using the UV light goggles while climbing through an obstacle course of laser-like strings attached to clamps.

  • 5. Walkie Chalk, $10 (originally $15), Amazon

Now your little one doesn't have to skuff his knees on the blacktop! Kids can use this cool pointer to draw with chalk!

Games for 10-year-olds

  • 1. Kanoodle Head-to-Head Brain Game, $18 (usually $22), Amazon

Can you Kanoodle the fastest? Slide a challenge card into the board then race to fill in the rest of the pieces before your opponent. Then, pop your opponents board for the ultimate win! This is the perfect game for two players!

  • 2. The Incredibles Save the Day Game, $19, Amazon

Race to save the day as a member of a super family in Disney Pixar’s Incredibles Save The Day game! It's great for all ages and can include up to four players.

  • 3. Yeti, Set, Go! $10 (originally $15), Target

Yeti, set, go! These cool mountain yetis love their meatballs! The object of this game is to get the yetis to kick the meatballs up the mountain! This is the perfect game for two to four players.

Arts and crafts for 10-year-olds

  • 1. Twisty Petz 3-pack, $19, Amazon

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Twist these adorable little pets into gorgeous bling bracelets! Your 10-year-old will want to collect them all and stack them up their wrist for an awesome fashion statement!

  • 2. Smart Sketcher Projector, $42 (usually $50), Amazon

This cool projector helps kids turn photos into drawings! Use images from the pre-loaded SD card or download your own photos from a smartphone via Bluetooth to the projector!

  • 3. ALEX Paper Swirls Station, $25, Amazon

Your budding artist can master the skill of rolling paper and turning it into incredible works of art, jewelry and toys.

Toys for 10-year-olds

  • 1. Hatchimals Hatchibabies, $40, Walmart

The newest Hatchimals are here! There are lots of new surprises this season. For the first time ever, you can hatch a boy or a girl. New music, games and accessories also keep the kiddos excited about the newest addition to the Hatchimals family — and they remain babies forever!

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  • 2. Pomsies, $10 (usually $15), Walmart

Pomsies are the ultimate interactive accessory! Wrap them around your wrist, hair, backpack or anything else. The furry little creatures have over 50 different reactions and you can even feel them purr!

  • 3. K’Nex Thrill Rides, $84, Amazon

Build a one-of-a-kind roller coaster then download the free K’Nex app and experience the thrill of a lifetime. Kiddos can ride their coasters with the cardboard virtual reality glasses included in the kit.

  • 4. X Shot Bug Attack Flying Bugs, $18, Jet

Shoot down these creepy drone-propelled bugs in the air! The set comes with a motorized bug launcher and quick fire dart shooter.

  • 5. Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone, $20, Amazon

Also available at Target for $20

This drone may be small, but it outperforms most drones in its class. Watch as it flies up to 25 miles per hour and performs eight different stunts including flips and barrel rolls.

  • 6. Zoomer Playful Pup, $50, Walmart

Also available at Target for $60

Meet Zoomer, the playful pup with plenty of personality. The animated dog toy responds to ten different voice commands. He can even perform more than 20 different tricks like shake-a-paw and roll over!

  • 7. Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy, $60, Walmart

This little robot is smart and ready to have fun! He can do wheelies or play a round of soccer with your kid.

  • 8. Dinosaur Fingerlings, $15, Walmart

Fingerlings were all the rage last year. Once again, they don’t disappoint. This season's newest addition is a baby velociraptor! They roar, hiss and even respond to more than 40 different sounds and animations!

  • 8. Circle Society Roller Skates, $50, Amazon

Also available at Target for $50

Here’s a blast from the past! These 1970s-inspired roller skates come in plenty of fun bold patterns and the sizing is adjustable, so they can get bigger as your kids grow.

  • 9. Nutcase patterned street helmet, $70, Amazon

Keep your skater safe this season with a new colorful helmet. This one is adjustable and includes an extra impact system for added protection. It also comes with a magnetic closure on the chin strap.

You may have already seen this coding robot for girls on the hit show "Shark Tank." There are 5 dolls to collect. Each one comes with her own name and personality. Connect the fashion dolls onto their motorized scooters then code their movements through an app on a tablet.

  • 11. Buddy Phones Play, $50, Amazon

These wireless Bluetooth headphones last up to 16 hours with just one just one charge. They're also foldable and come with a travel bag for easy listening on the go!

Your kids can put their lab coats on and turn any home into their very own science lab. Get ready to dissect real owl pellets, assemble real animal skeletons and identify animal bones.

  • 13. DMX Racer, Slot Car Racing, $130, Amazon

This slot car racer has new technology that allows the cars to pass and change lanes at any place on the track. The set includes four different colored cars and 18 total feet of track.

  • 14. Oddbuds Buddies, $40, Target

Meet the hilarious, quirky Oddbuds from the Emmy-nominated animated series with the same name. Talk to these plush new characters and they react to your voice! The buddies are soft enough to snuggle at bed time and also tough enough to rough-house with during the day. Collect all four characters, each with their own personalities and sound effects.

  • 15. My Fairy Garden Windmill Terrace, $30, Amazon

Foster your child’s inner green thumb with this magical fairy garden which will grow and change everyday. It even comes with a solar powered windmill and working water mill, tools, seeds and soil.

This insect-like remote control creature has glowing red eyes, and it rolls, flips and crawls in all directions. Includes a remote control with up to a 150-foot range for indoor and outdoor use.

  • 17. Rollplay Nighthawk Ride On, $119, Walmart

Race and spin around obstacles as this battery operated ride-on toy reaches a speed up to 6 mph. You can control the speed with an accelerator and brake pedals. The weight limit is up to 110 pounds.

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