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21 funny Elf on the Shelf ideas for 2019

A few of these ideas might land you on the naughty list.
/ Source: TODAY

The Elf on the Shelf is there to keep an eye on the kids and let them know Christmas is coming, but he can be high maintenance when you're fresh out of ideas.

Thankfully, there are plenty of hilarious displays and genius scenes for the Elf on the Shelf that you can borrow.

Here are some of the most creative displays out there, from the intricate to the simple, to keep kids smiling (and well behaved) all the way until St. Nick comes down the chimney.

21 funny elf on the shelf ideas

  • 1. Keeper of the naughty list

You better believe he's watching, kids. You'll want to stay in that column on the right.

  • 2. Marshmallows roasting on an open fire

A perfect snack for the Christmas season!

  • 3. Makin' copies

Just in case the elf needs a back-up.

  • 4. Bubble bath

Hey, elves have long days and need to unwind, too.

  • 5. Taking a snooze

If you need him, he'll be taking a nap on the towel rack.

  • 6. Silence of the kids

Are the lambs still screaming, Clarice? Nope, it's just your kids screaming with joy after they see this. OK, maybe terror.

  • 7. Get pumped up

The elf has to work off some of those holiday cookies.

  • 8. Snow angel

Who doesn't like making some snow angels around Christmas time?

  • 9. Fun for the whole gang

When the Elf ropes Mickey, Goofy and the Toy Story gang into his late-night thrill-seeking.

  • 10. Chillin' at the beach

Get in that summer frame of mind when it's freezing out.

  • 11. On strike

If the kids are being naughty, have the elves break out the picket signs.

  • 12. Climbing the walls

The award for creative use of stick-on bows goes to....

  • 13. Holy Elf on the Shelf Batman!

Saved (or dunked) by a superhero!

  • 14. Taking an 'Elfie'

Looking good!

  • 15. Gondola trip

It's like going to Venice without even leaving the house.

  • 16. A game of Twister

Show off your elf's flexibility.

  • 17. Movie night

Elves watching "Elf!"

  • 18. Circus elf

See how tall the kids are getting with an elf on some wrapping paper stilts.

  • 19. Mmmm, donuts

Can't keep the elves away from the sweet, sweet donuts.

  • 20. Magic show

Can I have a volunteer for a lovely assistant?

  • 21. Brush your teeth

If the kids don't brush their teeth before going to bed, the elf will know.