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20 top baby boy names predicted for 2021

"They're names fit for superheroes."
/ Source: TODAY

This year might turn out to be pretty magical if baby boy names have anything to do with it.

One month into 2021, some trends for baby boy names already are becoming clear, said Nameberry co-founder Pamela Redmond Satran.

“The biggest trend is toward what we call the magic names — powerful names of gods and goddesses, including some of the more negative figures parents avoided previously like Lucifer, and aspirational word names like Brave and Legendary,” she told TODAY Parents. “They're names fit for superheroes.”

Strong baby boy names

Nameberry’s 2021 naming forecast suggests that parents are choosing powerful names because they're feeling hopeful about the future.

“The subtlest way to invest a child’s name with magic is through a positive but more covert meaning such as ‘strength’ or ‘sunlight,’” the site noted.

The naming site’s popularity list, updated monthly, ranks the top names based on attention, not necessarily based on use by parents. Here's the top 10 ranking to date:

1. Arlo

2. Silas

3. Finn

4. Atticus

5. Milo

6. Ezra

7. Kai

8. Leo

9. Theodore

10. Jude

“For boys, Arlo has jumped to number one, which is pretty remarkable,” Redmond Satran said. “Also strong in the top 10 are Silas, Ezra and Kai.”

Unique baby boy names

Nameberry's list of rising baby boy names highlights names predicted to be popular in 2021. Namberry’s predictions for baby boys include:

1. Cassiel

2. Dove

3. Ezio

4. Irie

5. Lazarus

6. Leon

7. Parks

8. Phelan

9. Rhodes

10. Zephaniah

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