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This 2-year-old greeted fellow travelers with a fist bump – and we're in love!

2-year-old Guy met each passenger on his flight with a fist bump.
/ Source: TODAY

We were completely pumped after seeing this 2-year-old’s greeting to his fellow plane passengers.

Guy Jakubowicz of Raleigh, North Carolina, was boarding a plane in Kansas when he began greeting passengers with his signature move: the fist bump. Luckily, his mother, Alya Jakubowicz, caught it on video.

“I encourage my children to greet everyone when they board a flight,” Alya Jakubowics told TODAY via email. “Guy simply added his own twist to the meet and greet.”

According to the passengers’ gleeful responses, they're just as on board with the greeting as we are.

“He does it on every flight we board,” said Jakubowics. “His actions just go to show that a small act of kindness can really go a long way.”

After Jakubowics posted the video on Instagram, she discovered that the other passengers weren’t the only people that were touched by Guy's sweet gesture. The post has now been viewed over 11,000 times.

“He is a true blessing,” said Jakubowics. “We hope that his inclusivity and warmth continue to spread a joyful message.”