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2-year-old accidentally walks across wet concrete — and her reaction is priceless

A 2-year-old girl trying to find her parents outside their home went through their basement — where fresh concrete had just been poured.
/ Source: TODAY

Jonathan Porter has seen his share of pets walk through wet concrete poured by his construction company, but when he checked on a basement floor last week, he could only laugh at a sight he'd never witnessed.

Standing in the middle of a wet concrete floor with a panic-stricken look was Izzadora Millaway, 2, wondering how to get herself out of this mess.

"I looked inside and about 25 feet away from me I see this child standing dead center, and she had a look on her face that was priceless,'' Porter told TODAY. "She didn't know whether to back up or move forward."

"We were kind of taken aback by the whole situations, and we figured Jonathan was going to be extremely irritated because they were working hard, but it was comical,'' Izzadora's mother, Sara Millaway, told TODAY.

Porter, the owner of Porter Concrete Construction Company, had poured the concrete with his four-man crew about 45 minutes earlier in the basement of the Millaways' home in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Porter is also a member of the local fire and rescue team and had left to assist with a nearby automobile accident after pouring the concrete. When he returned, he was telling Izzadora's parents about the accident when the little girl heard them talking outside and wanted to see what the fuss was about.

She was upstairs with her brother, Colten, 3, and sister, Tapanga, 14, along with their grandmother when she sneaked away. There are no doors between the upstairs and the basement because of the remodeling work, so Izzadora walked right down the stairs and across the wet concrete while trying to make her way outside.

"To her, I guess it was just squishy on her toes and she was going to keep walking until she found us,'' Millaway said.

"When I saw her, I said, 'Oh my God,''' Porter said. "I told her to stand right there. Her parents looked like they were going to get irate, but it was just funny."

"They had just poured that section, so I was hoping that it wouldn't dry that quickly,'' Millaway said. "Had they already left, I probably would've had to call 911 because we didn't know what to do."

Porter had them take a picture of Izzadora standing in the concrete as a keepsake before washing her feet off with detergent and water. He then poured concrete over Izzadora's trail and left a small section where he immortalized the footprints of Izzadora and Colten in the corner of the room as a memory for the family.

As far as Izzadora learning her lesson, the jury is still out.

"Probably not,'' Millaway said. "She's probably going to do it again the next time she sees some. I think she enjoyed it. She stood there like it was fun."

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