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17 ways dads defy stereotypes

From playing with dolls to baking, dads are way more multifaceted than we often give them credit for. Here, 17 ways they defy stereotypes.
/ Source: TODAY

Dads are way more multifaceted than we often give them credit for.

Yes, they teach kids how to throw a ball; they are the ones that carry kids on their shoulders; they are the ones who make sure the car is packed for the road trip. But, they also play dolls. And dance. And bake biscuits.

Here, the TODAY Parenting Team shows 17 ways dads defy stereotypes.

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1. They play with dolls (Jill Simonian)

"He plays dolls with a super-squeaky-super-funny-kinda-creepy voice, can give the most industrial-strength toddler bath ever, carves a most wicked jack-o-lantern and sometimes rocks a princess crown arguably just as well as both our daughters."

Jill Simonian

2. They do hair. (Doyin Richards)

"A child requests for Daddy to do her hair because she doesn't care what the end result looks like — she just loves the bonding time they share together."

Doyin Richards

3. They play nurse. (Amy McCready)

"Every time you bypassed all those traditional 'laws' of parenting, the ones that say 'the mom does this' and 'the dad does that' and just jumped in and made everything work — we paid attention. When you cared for us when we were sick, and cheered for us when we were at the top of our game — we paid attention."

Amy McCready

4. They grocery shop (and pick fruit!) (Lauren/ Oh Honestly)

"I see you in the grocery store, doing the weekly shopping. I see you picking out fruit like a boss, grabbing ingredients for a week’s worth of healthy meals, and keeping the kids from going crazy, all at the same time."

Oh Honestly

5. They cry. (The Champagne Supernova)

“My Dad showed me that the stereotype of men being weak if they cried wasn't true. He showed me that in order to be strong, real, and authentic, you couldn't be afraid to reveal your vulnerabilities, even if it meant publicly crying.”

6. They make time. (The Cheerio Trail)

"Dad always has time. Even when he doesn’t… I have watched him forego countless personal pursuits to put our family first and model a sacrificial life that he has never viewed as sacrifice."

The Cheerio Trail

7. They wear silly costumes. (Angie Goff)

"From Fourth of July PJs, elf tights to a flying monkey costume I will admit the hubs is a team player when it comes to family traditions... he knows he looks ridiculous but he also knows life is too short to care."

Angie Goff

8. They take the middle seat. (The Champagne Supernova)

"My Dad always put me and my sister before himself. As a recent example, he gave up his window seat and took my center seat on the 9-hour plane ride from Europe to the United States when we were returning from Italy."

9. They grieve. (Lauren Casper)

"A year later I remember him sitting on the front porch when the sun came up morning after morning after we lost our second baby to another miscarriage. I never understood why he wanted to be up at the break of dawn to just sit alone. I later learned he was begging God for a baby… every morning… one that we could keep."

Lauren Casper

10. They do story time. (Manic Pixie Dream Mama)

"He reads them dinosaur book after dinosaur book, and patiently answers, over and over, what the biggest dinosaur was."

11. They do diapers... and teach roller skating. (Beyond Mommying)

"He cleans, he changes diapers, he watches the kids so I can work or go out, he does laundry, he builds blocks with them, he takes them bike riding, he teaches them life skills and respect, he chases them around and he showers them with hugs and kisses."

Beyond Mommying

12. They rock out (to Katy Perry, too) (Momsanity)

"On the nights that he’s on bath duty, he puts on his iTunes playlist and turns it up. Way up. From the very first chords of Rush’s “The Temples of Syrinx,” my son lets out an excited squeal and runs straight to his dad. Often, he’ll get there and say, “Wait a minute! I forgot something!” then race back into the living room to grab his guitar… aside from Rush, we’re talking Slayer, Iron Maiden, Baby Metal, Joan Jett, Bob Marley and Katy Perry."


13. They sip tea. (Jill Morgenstern)

"Daddy on the other hand, is an ever willing tea party participant, able to drink cup after cup, accepting his fate with a grace that the Mad Hatter could never have imagined."

14. They serve dessert. (That’s Inappropriate)

"By the time dinner is done and the dishes are put away, I am ready to hit the couch for some peace and quiet. Daddy is designated for 'dessert duty' at our house. Who wouldn't love a popsicle, or bowl of cookie dough custard?"

15. They encourage artistic expression. (Jill Morgenstern)

"Daddy is a willing canvas."

Jill Morgenstern

16. They play dress up. (Thriller mom)

"He even gets downright pretty for them by rocking headbands, jewelry, and pretending that tea parties are his favorite pastime."

17. They bake biscuits (and chocolate gravy!) (Jordan)

"My husband can make some awesome, finger-licking, homemade biscuits. My oldest (now 4 AND A HALF if you ask her) is his best helper. While yes, the plain lesson here is how to make biscuits (she will need this information later in life, y'all — remember we are home grown Mississippian's), the underlying message that he is giving her is what truly sends this momma's heart into a tailspin."