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Sheriff's office celebrates baby boom that produced 17 kids in 2019

It's not purely coincidental.
/ Source: TODAY

The Jefferson County, Missouri, Sheriff’s Office, has 17 bleary-eyed dads in its ranks after the department experienced a baby boom.

In 2019, deputies and their partners welcomed 10 boys and seven girls.

“It’s pretty wild,” Sgt. Matt Moore told TODAY Parents.

But it’s not purely coincidental.

Last year, residents voted to pass Proposition P, a property tax increase that raised salaries in the sheriff’s office.

The starting wage went from roughly $37,000 to $50,000.

“It’s much easier to afford a child when you’re making significantly more money,” Moore, 34, explained. But the first-time dad of Luca, born in April, noted that it’s also a young department and they would likely be expanding their families regardless of the pay bump.

In 2019, deputies at the Jefferson County, Missouri Sheriff’s Office welcomed 17 babies.Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

For those having their third — or even their sixth — child, Moore said the raise was definitely a deciding factor.

The deputies recently got together for a photoshoot with their Prop P babies.

“When we all got together for a picture, that’s when it all sunk in. That’s when we realized how many there are,” Moore told TODAY Parents.

The deputies got together for a photoshoot with their babies — 10 boys and seven girls. Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

The fathers have been checking in on each other and sharing sleep tips.

“Our Captain famously said, ‘I don’t know if a guy is tired from being up on a call late at night or being up with their kid!” Moore quipped. “We’ve been drinking a lot of coffee.”