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Pumpkin in the oven! 16 creative, boo-tiful Halloween pregnancy announcements

Share the news that you have a baby on the way with one of these Halloween-themed pregnancy announcement ideas.
/ Source: TODAY

Candy corn isn't the only thing that's sweet this time of year, as every fall expectant parents get excited to share their news with a bit of pumpkin flair.

From carved pumpkins that spread the big news to T-shirts that "reveal" a little extra skeleton popping up on the expectant mom's version, there's an overwhelming amount of creativity and fun when it comes to Halloween-themed pregnancy announcements.

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Halloween pregnancy announcements

We asked TODAY Parents Facebook fans to share their spook-tacular announcements with us. Take a look at some of our favorites below as well as others that we've found on Pinterest. They're sure to help inspire you how to announce that you have a bun in the oven (or a little pumpkin in the patch) this Halloween.

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1. No tricks here!

2. There's a surprise inside.

Betty Nasr Najem

3. A little pumpkin is on the way.

4. Some little witches are brewing up something big.

5. There are two baby skeletons on the way!

Emily Torgerson

6. The pumpkin patch is growing.

Therese Aragon

7. It's a family affair.

Kristina Frauenheim

8. Oh hey, little pumpkin.

Andrea Harney

9. This is the sweetest treat of them all.

Ashley Lang

10. This isn't your average jack-o-lantern.

Becky Seguin

11. Boo!

James Beisiegel

12. There's something coming...

Whitney Allan

13. There's a pumpkin for everyone... even baby.

Cheryl Palmer McGinnis

14. Show off your pumpkin carving skills.

Jenny Simon

15. Make way for baby.

Lindsey Hill Watson

16. And when in doubt, write it out.

Jennifer Marquis

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