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By A. Pawlowski

Maybe it's because they often have a bald head in common, or perhaps because the age difference makes them so fascinating to each other—there's something special about the bond between babies and their grandfathers, and it only grows stronger as they grow older. 

Inspired by a photo of "Family Feud" host Steve Harvey showing off baby granddaughter Rose, we asked you to share your favorite images of grandfathers spending quality time with their grandchildren on the TODAY Show Facebook page.

Hundreds of you responded, sharing cute, funny and poignant pictures. Sleeping is a recurring theme, as is sharing a love of sports, cuddles and big smiles.

Here are 15 of our favorites:

Gary Bowman catches a few winks with 3-month-old granddaughter Elizabeth after a big day on the beach in July 2013.Today
"The day my munchkin was born," Margaux Feldman writes. "He first smiled at Grandpa and they have been best buddies ever since!"Today
"My dad and my son at his first Cleveland Indians game," Angela Webber writes.Today
"Grandpa Tony teaches Duncan how to be a K-State football fan!" writes Vicki Bechard.Today
"Giving PawPaw a kiss," Shawn Miles-Hardy writes.Today
Big smile for grandpa! Nycki Jenkins snapped this photo of her father sharing a cute moment with her 3-month-old daughter.Today
Hmmm, this looks familiar: "Jesse Garcia and his little buddy Hudson. Can you see the similarities?" asks Brandy Garcia Gum.Today
Hmmm, this looks familiar -- Part 2. "Poppa and Ronan sharing a cold one on a hot day," Marty Kearney Scully writes.Today
Baby Ashaunti gets a lift from her grandpa.Today
Georgia Cait seems to be impressed with her grandfather's beard.Today
Hudson and Grandpa Greg share a light moment.Today
Must have been a fun day...Today
"My dad passed away from cancer two months after this picture, but he sure loved the time he got to spend with my daughter," Holly Meidlinger writes.Today
Papa Bob with his grandson at Higgins Lake in Michigan.Today

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