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See the 14 funniest Facebook parenting updates this week

We love funny parents. We love funny parent on Facebook even more, because they keep it real.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Parents are funny — especially on Facebook! And we love them for it.

Do you know what we love even more? All of the new voices who are piping up (and tagging us on their Facebook posts) and letting us know that their lives are just as crazy as ours! (I smell a support group!)

So let’s take a moment to give a shout out, LOL or a ILBOTIBMKA (“I’m Laughing But On The Inside Because My Kid’s Asleep) to the hilarious moms and dads who aren’t afraid to tell it like it really is. Here are our picks for this week’s Funniest Parents on Facebook!

Want to share your funniest parenting moments with TODAY? Just post them on our Facebook page at TODAY Parents, or tag us OR Sarah Maizes (our Parenting-Humorist-at-Large) in your comments. We’ll pick our favorites to feature in our next installment!

1. Cookie crimes (Kimberly Zapata)

Facebook/ Kimberly Zapata

2. Chunky or smooth? (Amy Karasick)

Facebook/ Amy Karasick

3. Hot summers (Alison Soltau)

Facebook/ Alison Soltau

4. Chicken what? (Pails and Fires)

Facebook/ Pails and Fires

5. Nothing like a son’s love (Ann Imig)

facebook/ Ann Imig

6. Who’s the Boss? (Stacy Davis Graebner)

Facebook/ Stacy Davis Graebner

7. Summer by the numbers (Mommy’s Liquid Sanity)

Facebook/ Mommy's Liquid Sanity

8. Bottom of the box (The Dusty Parachute)

Facebook/ The Dusty Parachute

9. Clear chaos (Unremarkable Files)

Facebook/ Unremarkable Files

10. No dog zone (Appetite for Honesty)

Facebook/ Appetite for Honesty

11. Organized chaos (Oh, Honestly)

Facebook/ Oh, Honestly

12. I see you (The Pursuit of Normal)

Facebook/ The Pursuit of Normal

13. Mom on the loose (Keeper of the Fruit Loops)

Facebook/ Keeper of the Fruit Loops

14. Tooth fairy, shmooth fairy (Parenting on the Loose)

Facebook/ Parenting on the Loose

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