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13 Halloween pumpkins that sum up new motherhood perfectly

Whether it's baby-wearing, breastfeeding or epidural-getting, we're not mom-judging these creative carvings!
/ Source: TODAY

Motherhood is challenging, beautiful and sometimes downright scary. So it's fitting that moms are creating Halloween pumpkins that showcase the joyful and frightening times that come with being a mom.

Katie Streif already had two sons when she welcomed her third boy, Emmett, a month ago. The breastfeeding mom is currently being treated for mastitis, so when her oldest son, Leo, 4, wanted to decorate his pumpkin, she decided to join and created a breast-pumping pumpkin, complete with red nipples, aggravated from mastitis.

"The idea immediately came to mind," Streif told TODAY Parents. "I wanted to do something funny and relatable to all mamas who may have gone through mastitis or something similar."

Kim Wheaton, a certified birth doula and mom of two, created two breastfeeding mom pumpkins, nursing their pumpkin babies, for a pumpkin festival in her hometown of Sycamore, Illinois a few years ago.

"I believe that breastfeeding is not a shameful thing, and women should have the freedom to breastfeed where and when they like," said Wheaton. "I wanted to create the display to normalize breastfeeding in my community."

These creative moms are not alone. Here are some of the funniest — and most relatable — motherhood-themed pumpkins we found on social media.

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