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We can't get enough of these adorable baby feet photos from TODAY parents

We're pretty sure we've found the cure to Cute Baby Feet Deficiency. And then some.
/ Source: TODAY

As we discussed on the TODAY Parents Facebook page, Cute Baby Feet Deficiency is a very serious problem affecting millions of Americans. But in light of recent events, we're pretty sure we've found the cure.

And then some.

After Savannah Guthrie posted the photo below on her Facebook page, we were inundated with photograph after photograph of little piggies from our audience and readers.

Read on for our 13 favorite photos. Then, to be sure you don't miss a chance to be featured here on TODAY, be sure to like the TODAY Parents Facebook page. (And join our Parenting Team for even more fun!)

1. Nom nom nom.

2. This foot is just asking to have its picture taken.

Kelsey Rice

3. Tiny toes!

To Terri

4. Baby feet and a side of sleeping cat.

Lori Ovalle

5. Just hangin' out.

Katy McFalls

6. There's only one thing better than baby feet, and that's pink baby feet!

Brittany Terlinde

7. This little guy's practically a foot model

Asheley Harris MacDougall

8. Shhh.

Kristen Tabor

9. Peek-a-boo!

Danielle Adams

10. More nomming. We must deduce that baby feet are pretty delicious.

Lori Ovalle

11. Those are some tiny feet.

Caroline Wood

12. Holy cuteness.

Michelle Fairbanks-Colon

13. Fluffy pajamas + baby feet = pure joy.

Sarah Shipe Gibson