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13 best parenting updates on Facebook this week

Maybe it's the long summer days or the heat. But there were someparents who were especially funny on Facebook this week!
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Maybe it’s the long summer days. Maybe it’s the heat. But you parents were especially funny on Facebook this week! In particular, all of the posts about grandparents swooping in to give parents a much-needed break made one thing very clear — we’re not the only ones losing our cool.

So let’s take a moment to give a shout out, high-five or simple LOL to the hilarious moms and dads who aren’t afraid to tell it like it really is. Here are our picks for this week’s Funniest Parents on Facebook!

Want to share your funniest parenting moments with TODAY? Just post them on our Facebook page at TODAY Parents, or tag us OR Sarah Maizes (our Parenting-Humorist-at-Large) in your comments. We’ll pick our favorites to feature in our next installment!

1. Brush what? (The Lolo Chronicles)

Facebook/ The Lolo Chronicles

2. Did I hear the G word? (Story of this life)

Facebook/ The Story of this Life

3. What pretty eyeballs you have (A Splendid Messy Life)

Facebook/ A Splendid Messy Life

4. What a trip (Papa does preach)

Facebook/ Papa does preach

5. The ultimate ransom (Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops)

Facebook/ Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops

6. What a compliment (Kate Hall)

Facebook/ Kate Hall

7. Understandable mix-up (Tara Wood)

Facebook/ Tara Wood

8. Short-lived freedom (Shannon Day's Martinis and Motherhood)

Facebook/ Shannon Day's Martinis and Motherhood

9. Beach vacation bummer (Simon Holland)

Facebook/ Simon Holland

10. Christmas in July (Rach Riot)

Facebook/ RachRiot

11. Move out, move on (Happy and humble)

Facebook/ Happy and Humble

12. Grocery list gone wild (Let me start by saying)

Facebook/ Let me start by saying

13. Wet suits, wherever (Suburban snapshots)

Facebook/ Suburban snapshots

Sarah Maizes is an author, writer and humorist living in LA with her 3 kids, 2 cats and 2 hamsters…oops…make that 1 hamster. She's the author of many humor books including On My Way to the Bath.Follow her on Facebook and subscribe to her website.