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13 best parenting posts on Facebook this week

Parents say the funniest things — especially on Facebook. And we love them for it.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Parents say the funniest things — especially on Facebook. And we love them for it.

Why? Because in Facebook’s world of extravagant vacations, DIY overload, and smiling teens (it’s true…they exist!) it’s easy to think you’re the only one who’s slowly (okay, quickly) being driven insane.

So we’d like to take a moment to send a shout-out, LOL or even a LQWTBN (Laughing Quietly While The Baby Naps) to the hilarious moms and dads who aren’t afraid to tell it like it really is. Here are our picks for this week’s Funniest Parents on Facebook!

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Here are our picks for the funniest parenting Facebook status updates this week.

1. And the award for best Oscar goes to... (Christy Smith)

Facebook/ Christy Smith

2. Not exactly what I meant (Lisa Till Tyler)

Facebook/ Lisa Till Tyler

3. That should do it (Karen Gladden Barre)

Facebook/ Karen Gladden Barre

4. Better than Legos (Vanessa Willis France)

Facebook/ Vanessa Willis France

5. Now that's a party (H Bomb Mom)

Facebook/ H Bomb Mom

6. The Thin Mints are safe (Mom Babble)

Facebook/ Mom Babble

7. Campaign promises (Sarah Smiley)

Facebook/ Sarah Smiley

8. Super mom moves (That Tam I Am)

Facebook/ That Tam I Am

9. Maybe I should stop (Joelle Wisler)

Facebook/ Joelle Wisler

10. Just another bad night (Why did we have to have all these kids anyway?)

Facebook/ Why Did We Have All These Kids Anyway?

11. There's just one (The Parent Normal)

Facebook/ The Parent Normal

12. A grim warning (Pails and Fires)

Facebook/ Pails and Fires

13. It's not as it seems (Manic Pixie Dream Mama)

Facebook/ Manic Pixie Dream Mama

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