12 times Sarah Michelle Gellar proved no one does Elf on the Shelf better

/ Source: TODAY

You may know Sarah Michelle Gellar best for her small-screen roles in shows like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "The Crazy Ones," or for her big-screen success in "Cruel Intentions."

But if you haven't seen her annual off-screen Christmas gig — as a mom with a real knack for Elf on the Shelf adventures — you've missed out on some of her best work.

Gellar has a gift when it comes to helping out Santa's little helpers with elaborate displays designed to entertain her kids, Charlotte, 7, and Rocky, 4. And thanks to her Instagram, we're pretty entertained, too.

Check out 12 of her best Elf on the Shelf efforts for 2016 — so far!

1. The elves got tangled up in an epic game of Twister.

2. They decided their naturally rosy cheeks could be rosier with a little makeup — or a lot.

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3.Team Elf took on Team Justice League in a bowling battle.

4. Team Elf did not handle defeat well.

5. The elves went all Hollywood and put down prints for posterity.

6. But they'd really like to go to Broadway.

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7. These Christmas pals don't need ornaments — they've got jewels.

8. And they know how to make money to buy more.

9. Elves? What elves?

10. Mermaid blankets are on a lot of Christmas lists this year, but these elves already have it wrapped up.

11. Have you ever seen anyone stay so still during the Mannequin Challenge?

12. Bingo night done right — just look at the tiny Santa dollars and the wee box of donuts!

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