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This 11-year-old girl offers some hilarious life goals with her bizarre bucket list

This 11-year-old girl's bucket list features everything from a blobfish to Dorito tacos.
/ Source: TODAY

At the precocious age of 11, this girl already knows what she wants in life: to eat a hammerhead shark, pet a cheetah and become the owner of a pet blobfish, for starters.

When Jesse Magpantay's hilarious and bizarre bucket list was discovered by her older brother, Josh, 17, last week at their home in Allen, Texas, he couldn't help but share it with the world.

Jesse Magpantay, 11, has everyone cracking up over her bizarre bucket list. Courtesy of Josh Magpantay

"I spotted it a week or so before her birthday and snapped a picture in case it was gonna get accidentally thrown away or something —it was just so weird,'' Josh told TODAY. "Like the first two seemed like childish-cute but then when I saw number three was intensely weird, I knew that it'd be online worthy. It was just so bizarre, honestly, but it was fitting."

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Featuring items like "eat 10 Taco Bell Dorito tacos" and then "win a Taco Bell Dorito taco eating contest," it clearly shows Jesse has a step-by-step plan to achieve her goals. She even got started by eating six of them for her birthday.

Jesse's older brother, Josh, 17, and her sister, Julia, 15, could only laugh at the type of bucket list Josh says only Jesse could create. Courtesy of Josh Magpantay

Jesse clearly wants to experience all that life has to offer, from having a pet koala to sleeping for 24 hours straight.

While she is "overwhelmed" by the attention her list has gotten, according to Josh, he feels it perfectly fits her quirky personality.

"It seems like the only variety of bucket list my sister could come up with,'' he said.

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