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11 terrible Halloween costumes we hope kids won't be wearing

From baby bartenders to sexy nerds, here are 11 baby, child and tween Halloween costumes that have us shaking our heads.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Halloween is a time to get creative, dressing your little one in adorable costumes that reflect their personalities or, at the very least, pay tribute to their favorite "Paw Patrol" character.

Still, it never fails to surprise us that costume retailers use Halloween as an opportunity to market overly sexy or otherwise inappropriate costumes for kids. Here, our list of 11 of the worst costumes on the market this year.

1. The Baby Cigarette

"No worry of cancer with this cigarette costume," reads the description for this bunting-style infant costume. "Who knew tobacco could look this cute?"

Baby Cigarette Costume
Baby Cigarette

2. The Toddler Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Cowgirl hat and pompoms are not included in this pint-sized version of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader costume. What is included is the opportunity to dress your 2-year-old as one of the sexiest parts of the NFL.

Toddler Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Costume
Toddler Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

3. The Darling Devil

"Enough with the goody two shoes costumes already," reads the description for this girls' devil costume. With this sexy devil costume, some thigh-high boots and a sultry stare, your tween may not win the costume contest, but she will be awarded "best lingerie."

Girls Darling Devil

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4. The Infant Ketchup Packet

We're not sure how we feel about dressing your baby up as a condiment — or as something you ultimately throw in the trash.

Infant Ketchup Packet Costume
Infant Ketchup Packet

5. The Toddler Clown

Clowns are creepy, and this Toddler Cuddles the Clown costume is no exception. "If you are looking for a fun family costume idea," reads the description. "Consider any of our other clown costumes for any age." No thanks.

Toddler Cuddles The Clown Costume
Toddler Cuddles The Clown

6. The Cop Cutie

"Kids love everyday heroes, such as police offers, and you should encourage that," reads the description of this sexy cop costume. We agree, but can we encourage our daughters to be everyday heroes without requiring a short hemline and leather boots?

Cop Cutie Girl's Costume
Girls Cop Cutie

7. The Baby Whoopie Cushion

Infants make enough strange, digestion-related noises on their own. We'll pass on dressing our babies as whoopie cushions.

Baby Whoopie Cushion Costume
Baby Whoopie Cushion

8. The Sexy Mime

"Don't say a word," reads the description on this short-skirted girls' mime costume. "You'll have to do all your talking through actions." Do we really need sexy mimes with knee-highs and boots? We think not.

Kids Mime Costume
Kids Mime

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9. The Baby Bartender

The bad news? You're dressing your baby as a bartender for Halloween. The good news? The costume comes complete with mustache and beer stein.

Baby Bartender Costume
Baby Bartender

10. The Major Flirt

This Child Major Flirt Costume claims to be "for a girl who likes to make a big first impression." Seriously?

Child Major Flirt Costume
Child Major Flirt

11. The I Love Nerds School Girl

"If you're a sucker for the smart guys why not try this I Love Nerds Tween School Girl Costume on for size," asks the description for this costume. "You'll be just their type in this dress with suspenders, blue plaid pleated skirt and attached 'I Love Nerds' v-neck tee."

Tween I Love Nerds School Girl Costume
Tween I Love Nerds School Girl

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