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11 mom-approved summer travel essentials

From the airport to the beach, we've got you covered.
/ Source: TODAY

Looking to get away this summer? Packing can be stressful enough on its own, and no matter how many times you check that packing list before closing your suitcase, you'll probably end up forgetting something at home.

Traveling with kids can add even more craziness to the mix, but there a few items on the market that can make your life a little bit easier. Lifestyle expert Amy Goodman stopped by TODAY to share some of her travel essentials for any summer getaway.

Read on for some of her must-buys for a stress-free summer vacation.

1. SitAlong Toddler Luggage Seat, $49, Amazon

Airport travel with little ones can be a bit hectic. Goodman suggests this luggage seat as a safe and convenient way to transport your toddler and your carry-on through the airport — and with a free hand you can drink your coffee at the same time. The seat folds flat on luggage and can fit in most overhead compartments.

2. JetKids by Stokke BedBox, $199, Bloomingdale's

Long flights on uncomfortable airplane seats can make it hard for your child to fall asleep. Goodman selected this multipurpose suitcase to make the in-flight experience a little bit easier. The JetKids by Stokke BedBox turns a seat into a bed or it can act as a leg rest when convenient. Pack the inside with your child's travel essentials and help them get rolling with the ride-on feature, allowing you to pull them through the airport for easy maneuvering.

3. Dare-U-Go, $23, UncommonGoods

Snack time is necessary while on vacation (or any time, really). Busy schedules might call for on-the-go snacking but definitely do not call for a mess. This silicone catchall food bib comes with its own spork and features three compartments that transform into a self-sealing storage container for unfinished snacks. Dishwasher safe, this bib is available in a variety of colors and will save many outfits from being ruined.

4. Rheos Floating Sunglasses, $50, Amazon

Rheos boasts a collection of lightweight, polarized sunglasses that are perfect for any outdoor adventure this summer. Plus, they float! Whether you plan on spending countless days at the beach or relaxing on a boat, these sunglasses won't sink into the unknown if they fall into the water. Available in eight different frame styles, these sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and all-day comfort.

5. WolfWise Pop Up Beach Tents, $40+, WolfWise

The days of spending half your time at the beach digging a hole for your umbrella (for it to eventually blow away, anyway) are over. Goodman chose these WolfWise Pop Up Tents for their automatic pop up design that assembles in seconds. They are available in two styles: one that can hold up to two people and another that can hold up to four people. For easy transport, fold the tent back up and place it in the included travel size carrying bag.

6. Sunscreen Buddies, $25, UncommonGoods

This SPF superhero makes for easy sunscreen application with less of the mess! Fill the container with your preferred sunscreen and let your child do the rest, no matter where they are. Goodman notes that the container is travel-sized, so you can fill it up before you board the plane and place it in your carry-on.

7. Bling2o Swim Goggles, $20+, Nordstrom

Goggles might not be the most fashionable or exciting pool accessory, and getting your child to wear them might prove to be a bit of a hassle. These Bling2o swim goggles are available in a bunch of fun and crazy designs like "Uncle Hairy" and "Calypso Coral" that Goodman says will have your kids fighting to put them on.

8. CGear Sand-Free Tote Bag, $25, Amazon

If you're tired of bringing home enough sand to make your own beach at home, a new beach bag will do the trick. Goodman recommends this CGear beach bag, which is the only patented sand-free tech on the market. The dual-layered weave allows for sand to naturally sift through the bottom of the bag while not allowing sand to re-enter through the bottom. Spacious and lightweight, this bag is a must-have for summer beach trips.

9. Morgan Home Swimsuit Sack, $8+, Bed Bath & Beyond

Wet bathing suits are a nuisance, whether they are left all over the house or in the back of the car after a long day at the beach. Goodman suggests these swimsuit sacks as an easy fix to the problem at home. Available in 14 different prints, these swimsuit sacks feature a wrist strap for easy transport with none of the mess.

10. High Key Wine Pouches, 6 for $20, High Key Wine

Dubbed by PopSugar as the "Capri Sun for adults," High Key Wine pouches are the portable "juice" that you didn't know you needed. Goodman chose these pouches that provide just over a standard medium glass of wine. Each wine pouch contains 12% alcohol by volume and is available in three different flavors: sweet white, semi sweet rosé and dry rosé.

11. LugLess, Rates Vary, LugLess

Packing heavy for that summer getaway this year? Airline fees for checked bags can add up, and you might end up paying more than expected before you even board the plane to your destination. Goodman recommends LugLess as a convenient and inexpensive means of transporting your luggage. They'll find the cheapest luggage shipping rates and even deliver it right to your door, depending on the package you choose.

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