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11 funniest parenting posts on Facebook this week

Parents say the funniest things — especially on Facebook. And we love them for it.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Parents say the funniest things — especially on Facebook. And we love them for it.

Why? Because in the Facebook world brimming with page after page of over-the-top vacations and over-performing children, it’s easy to think you’re all alone in your insanity.

So we’d like to take a moment to give a shout out, an LOL, and an ROFL to the hilarious moms and dads who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

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Here are our picks for the funniest parenting Facebook status updates this week.

1. I do (Perfection Pending)

Facebook/ Perfection Pending

2. Blank space (Parenting Actually)

Facebook/Parenting Actually

3. Birth control (Mama Needs a Nap)

Facebook/ Mama Needs a Nap

4. That wasn't the plan (


5. Note to toddler (The Wendy House)

Facebook/ The Wendy House

6. Pants police (Christine Organ)

Facebook/ Christine Organ

7. Where's Ashton? (Appetite for Honesty)

Facebook/ Appetite for Honesty

8. Say what? (Pails and Fires)

Facebook/ Pails and Fires

9. Don't wanna go back (Mommy in Sports)

Facebook/ Mommy in Sports

10. The struggle is real (Stay Home Mama)

Facebook/ Stay Home Mama

11. That would be a no (Big Top Family)

Facebook/ Big Top Family

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