11 truly epic Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs

Some amazing kids with special needs (and their creative parents) have not only found a great way to join in the Halloween festivities, they have created some of the most inspired costumes you'll see anywhere this October 31st. Read on for some of our favorite costumes — we dare you not to smile!

1. Hot Rod

Seven-year-old Lukas Tallent from Burlingame, California, wanted to be a race car driver (and really, who doesn't?), so his mom Aubri enlisted the help of family friend Megan Jepsen to make his costume dream come true. “We really appreciate it, because it allows Lukas to be fully involved in Halloween and to get a lot of positive attention as opposed to the stares he usually gets,” said Tallent.

Aubri Tallent
Lukas Tallent finishes in first place in his wheelchair-friendly race car costume.

2. A truly super Mario

Cassie McLelland has been making costumes for her son, Caleb, that incorporate his wheelchair since he was a toddler (he's now 12). “I just thought it would be fun to utilize his wheels somehow as part of the costume," she told TODAY Parents. "He was really into Bob the Builder at that time, so I went with a construction truck/backhoe theme for his (first) wheelchair costume. It turned out great, and an annual tradition was born."

McLelland tries to use the attention paid to Caleb's costumes to spread awareness about his condition, spina bifida. "October is spina bifida awareness month, so his costumes have proven to be a great way to shine a light on spina bifida in a fun and creative way," she said. "All of this actually led me to open an Etsy shop in 2015 where I make and sell wheelchair-costume kits. I have had so much fun designing and making wheelchair-costume kits for kids all over the country.”

Cassie McLelland
Caleb McLelland was a truly Super Mario brother when he was three years old.

3. Rock lobster

Jenna Stoddard, 8, has been rocking some adorable costumes on Halloweens past thanks to the creativity of her mom, Kim. Jenna has Ring 18, a chromosome variation. “Currently, she's non-ambulatory, so I like to design her costume around her wheelchair so she can participate in the festivities just like her friends," said Kim. "She loves school and being around friends and gets very excited to be there."

Courtesy of Meeting Street
Jenna Stoddard, 8, in her lobster costume.

Kim said the best thing about Jenna's wheelchair costumes is that her friends are able to help her through the parades. "There's always somebody who wants to push her along!”

4. Hey, Mister DJ

Courtesy of Meeting Street
Demetrius Murphy, 13, spins records for his friends at The Grace School at Meeting Street.

Demetrius Murphy, 13 years old, spins records for his friends at The Grace School at Meeting Street in Providence, R.I.

5. Holy Batmobile, Batman!

Courtesy of Meeting Street
Ryan Hebert, 8, made an adorable Batman in his own Batmobile.

Ryan Hebert, 8 years old, made an adorable Batman, also at The Grace School at Meeting Street.

6. Eye of the tiger

Courtesy of Meeting Street
Demetrius throws his hat into the ring with this creative boxer costume.

Another fun costume from Demetrius Murphy. This time, he throws his hat into the ring with this creative boxer costume.

7. A little Wonder Woman

Magic Wheelchair

Wonder Woman in her invisible jet courtesy of Magic Wheelchair, a nonprofit that builds epic Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs.

8. Super girl power


Another awesome costume creation from Magic Wheelchair.

9. Raging Rapids

Magic Wheelchair

This awesome kayak costume will have its little wearer feeling like he can take on even the roughest whitewater rapids!

10. Ahoy, Matey!

Neighbors will think Jack Sparrow has come trick-or-treating when this pirate ship rolls up to their doors.


11. Kiss on our list


Your little one will want to rock and roll all night – and party every day – when dressed up in this awesome Kiss costume.