10 ways to survive (and even enjoy) a snow day

Snow day
Lindsey Wright

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By Kavita Varma-White

For so many parts of the country, today was an official "Snow Day," with kids home from school and parents scrambling to keep them occupied. So, how'd you survive? TODAY.com readers took to Facebook to share their advice for snow day fun, both inside and out in the elements. Here, 10 great examples. (Take note, in case you are snowed in tomorrow, too!) 

1. Tasting party. (But make sure it's not yellow!) 

My husband is in the Army and we just moved to Missouri. This was Sebastian's first time seeing (and eating) snow!Today

2. Warm up with a bake-off.

After sleigh riding (in West Virginia) we LOVE making yummy fudge or cookies!Today

3. It's the climb. (But hold on to the railing!) 

Gaithersburg, Maryland. 2 inches and they cancel school!Today

4. Just chill.

Joey's first time out playing in the snow in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Today

5. Fort-ify your living room.

Indoor snow forts with a movie in Pasadena, Maryland. Today

6. Frolic with a (furry) friend.

A boy and his dog in Evart, Michigan.Today

7. Show some sibling support.

Yelling to her big brothers outside playing on the snowy trampoline in Hanover, Maryland.Today

8. Build an (edible) snowman!

My 5 year (in New Market, Maryland) wanted to build a snowman so I figured out how she could do it without me getting cold and wet and having to bundle her up for 2 minutes of fun. Today

9. Take a cruise.

We go out and play! Today

10. Be an angel.

Columbus, Ohio #SnowDay (Mommy took a snow day, too.) Today

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