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10 unique gender reveal ideas

From manicures to smoke bombs or painted hand prints, these gender reveal stunts are truly unique.
/ Source: TODAY

Gender reveal parties have been on the rise for the past several years and have taken off from a couple releasing blue or pink balloons to some truly out-of-the-box ideas. For example, instead of just serving a gender reveal cake with blue or pink filling, people are now slicing into gender reveal lasagna to find out the sex!

If that sounds too cheesy (though really, is there ever too much cheese?) then read on for some more unique ideas. Whether you're planning a big get-together to surprise family and friends with your baby's gender, or you just want a unique way to share a special moment with your significant other, these are concepts you can really get excited about whether it's a boy or a girl!

Our 10 favorite gender reveal ideas

  • 1. Gender Reveal Nails

Square or rounded? Boy or girl? A fierce manicure that you light on fire to reveal blue or pink smoke will definitely be one of the most unique gender reveals your friends and family will ever see!

  • 2. Balloon Pop

This one is a classic for a reason — seeing that blue or pink confetti spray out of a balloon is not only fun, it makes for some truly Insta-worthy pics.

  • 3. Par for the Course

Dads-to-be will love getting in on the action with a gender reveal golf ball that lets him show off his swing — and the sex of his offspring!

  • 4. Street Art

This awesome graffiti mural certainly tells the whole world how happy this couple is to be having a little girl! And don't worry — it's legal in Toronto's famous Graffiti Alley!

  • 5. Bubble Yum Baby

Blowing bubbles with your partner to reveal your baby's gender is one cute (and sticky) idea! Whether it's pink or blue, either way mom will be ready to pop!

  • 6. Rocket Bye Baby

This rocket reveal will no doubt launch a lifetime of love. Whether it's a boy or girl your friends and family's expressions will be explosive.

  • 7. Get the Vote Out

No arguments over the electoral college here — when you poll your guests at your gender reveal party the results are guaranteed to be adorable.

  • 8. Smoke Bombs

Smoke gets in your eyes and you'll be tearing up whether it's a boy or girl if you choose to use a dramatic smoke bomb for your gender reveal.

  • 9. Giant Baby

Nothing says gender reveal party like having your buddy dress up as a giant baby! He may steal your thunder but look at it this way — this is one gender reveal no one will soon forget.

  • 10. Hand Prints

We're guessing you won't mind ruining a t-shirt to have your partner place his pink or blue hand prints on your bump. Bonus — the t-shirt makes a perfect souvenir from this unforgettable day.