10 photos of toddlers sleeping in impossibly awkward positions


Oh, to be able to sleep like a baby on an airplane … or a table top … or a staircase … or a dog bed.

Yes, it’s true: There is a time in many humans’ lives when they can fall asleep in the most awkwardly impossible places and positions — and that time tends to coincide with toddlerhood.

In honor of the one-year anniversary of our TODAY Parenting Team community, we asked team members to send along photos revealing “what 1 looks like.” Dozens of adorable submissions came flying in, and many of them involved little sleeping angels who just happened to be sleeping anywhere other than their own cribs.

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Jennifer Swartvagher
"When you are 1, you can fall asleep anywhere you want (and mom will take your picture)!" —Jennifer Swartvagher

Do you have your own favorite photos of your little ones sleeping in hilariously precarious positions — or in ways that are just shockingly cute? Please share them with us on the TODAY Parents Facebook page. The images you share may be featured in an upcoming show segment on TODAY!

Lacey Ellis
"Sometimes you're right in the middle of eating a cheese cracker when the sleep gets you." —Lacey Ellis
Courtesy of Jillian Darlington / MomCo App
"I can sleep anywhere except in my own bed." —Jillian Darlington
Maureen Stiles
"This photo of my youngest son, Reed Stiles, was taken at dinner one night. He spent most of his days struggling to keep up with his brothers, 2 and 4, and he fell asleep in the middle of his typical meal of hot dogs and cheese. Now he is 12 but hasn't branched out much in the food department, but at least stays awake until the end of the meal." —Maureen Stiles

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Courtesy of Jillian Darlington / MomCo App
"Toddlers will sleep where they collapse from exhaustion." —Jillian Darlington
Alison Chrun
"This is 1." —Alison Chrun
Courtesy of Jillian Darlington / MomCo App
Toddlers have sleeping skills that defy gravity.
Courtesy of Jillian Darlington / MomCo App
Let me just make my way up these stairs ... zzzzzzzzz ...
Tracy Felix
"Sam is sleeping in the walker." —Tracy Felix
Courtesy of Jillian Darlington / MomCo App
"I don't need naps." —Jillian Darlington

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