Earworm alert! Favorite video parodies of 2014

Machel Green as a Mombie.
Machel Green as a Mombie in a Thriller video parody. Courtesy of Machel Green

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By Terri Peters

Our favorite video parody creators were by our sides throughout the parenting ups and downs of 2014: announcing pregnancies, sending kids back to school, handling Halloween’s Elsa costume craze, and helping us baste our Thanksgiving turkeys.

As parents, we have lots to laugh about and these creative moms and dads gave us plenty more reasons to smile. Here are our favorite video parodies of 2014 in no particular order —because, just like our children, it’s impossible to say which one we love more.

1.  This Is How We Do – For Moms

When blogger Brenna Jennings got together with some neighborhood friends to write a mom anthem based on the hit Katy Perry song, This Is How We Do, we all identified with her depictions of moms in the carpool lane wearing yesterday’s makeup or buying lattes with their kids’ lunch money.

2. Baby Got Class

The Holderness family perfectly expressed every parent’s sentiments about sending their kids back to school with their funny version of Baby Got Back. Dad Penn Holderness rapped, “I like big busses, I cannot lie,” as son Penn Charles told his mom to, “make it, make it, make that healthy lunch.”

3. We Are Having Another Baby

Richmond, Virignia parents Nate and Erica Eaton announced their second pregnancy in a seriously cute way with their parody of Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. “You’re shocked? So are your friends, so are our friends, so are we,” the couple sang of their pregnancy that occurred only 10 months after daughter Emerson was born.

4. I’m So Pregnant

The creators of the What’s Up Moms YouTube channel parodied Iggy Azalea’s pop hit Fancy during co-founder Meg Resnikoff’s ninth month of pregnancy. Filled with relatable rap lyrics about strangers touching Resnikoff’s pregnant belly, not being able to get drunk off hotel mini bars and sleeping with ten pillows, moms everywhere identified with pregnancy challenges highlighted in the viral video.

5. Toddler

In this Thriller parody, South Carolina mom Machel Green and her friends turn into Mombies (mom zombies) after too many sleepless nights, potty training their toddlers. “Cause this is Toddler…Toddler Night…the beast is running from you while you’re chasing it with wipes,” the undead moms sing while roaming the streets of their neighborhood.

6. Kin and Moose

The Holderni were back for some Frozen fun with their Halloween parody of Snoop Dogg’s rap hit Gin and Juice. In the video, daughter Lola insists Penn dress as Sven, the reindeer from Frozen, instead of his planned MC Hammer costume. Poking fun at the Elsa costume craze of 2014, the entire family dresses as Frozen characters, with Penn rapping, “Rolling down the street with my kinfolk, dressed like a giant moose – with my mind on my candy and my candy on my mind.”

7. Knock It Off

Mom Deva Dalporto, who blogs at My Life Suckers, created this funny parody of pop hit Shake it Off, as a way to both tell her kids to knock off their bad behavior, and to poke fun at judgmental parents. We loved the line, “Just think, while you’ve been at work dealing with coworkers and Power Point and spreadsheets on Excel, you could have been at home with this sick kid.”

8. All About That Breast

With breast-feeding making the news so often and being the subject of so many selfies in 2014, we loved songwriter Lori Burke’s parody of Megan Trainor’s All About That Bass. In All About That Breast, Burke sang with an acoustic guitar about breast-feeding, delivering catchy lyrics like, “Yeah, it’s pretty clear, the cow says moo. But I can make it, make it, like I’m supposed to do. Because I’ve got these new boobs my new baby chases … got all the right holds and I got La Leche.”

9. All About That Baste

Putting their own holiday spin on All About That Bass, the Holderness family charmed us again this Thanksgiving with All About That Baste, a parody that showed Penn Holderness handling his one Thanksgiving kitchen assignment – basting the turkey. In the video, Holderness admits to not being as skilled as wife, Kim, when it comes to cooking Thanksgiving dinner, adding that dads can’t, “make it, make it, like they’re supposed to do.”

10. The Lacking Family Rap

While the Lacking Family’s holiday rap isn’t technically a parody, it’s set to the instrumental background of the Black Eyed Peas’ song Boom Boom Pow, making it count in our book. The Los Angeles family-of-four wowed us this year with their holiday rap, starring daughter Kaylee, 8, who rapped about her busy year – from learning to ride her bike without training wheels to trying to talk mom and dad into letting her get a tattoo.