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By Matt Murray

Get ready to get some classic tunes stuck in your head— It's throwback Thursday, and this week, we're remembering our favorite TV theme songs.

Last week, The Wall Street Journal explored the state of television themes in the age of binge-watching, wondering if songs are now specifically selected to withstand repetition. This had the TODAY anchors remembering their favorite TV theme songs growing up. 

The anchors' selections took us back, but now we want to hear from you. Share your favorite theme song with us using #TODATtbt on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Vine, and include a link if you can!

Matt: "M*A*S*H"

Savannah: "The Love Boat"

Natalie: "Cheers"

Al: We all know Al's favorite theme is the "A-Team," so he also threw in a bonus favorite: "Gilligan's Island"

Tamron: "The Jeffersons"

Here are some of your best picks: