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Anchors share their fave childhood toys -- what were yours?

Time to brush Barbie's hair and dust off the "Star Wars" action figures — It's Throwback Thursday!

In honor of the the Toy Hall of Fame announcing its 2013 nominees, the TODAY anchors shared their favorite childhood toys. 

Car Culture / Today

Matt Lauer: Hot Wheels cars

Bloomberg / Today

Savannah Guthrie: Easy Bake Oven

Al Roker: Motorific Torture Track


Natalie Morales: Barbie doll


Carson Daly: "Star Wars" action figures

Even guest Tiffani Thiessen chimed in, citing the Cabbage Patch Doll as her favorite toy growing up.

The anchors' selections brought on a wave of nostalgia, but now we want to hear from you. Show or tell us your favorite childhood toys using #TODAYtbt on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Vine.