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Your kids will rule the school with these cool gadgets

Even though there’s still a few more weeks left of summer, it’s time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping. Your kids will rule the school when you get them some of the coolest tech gadgets that are in this year.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

As sad as we all are that the summer is nearing an end I’m thrilled to bring you the latest in gadgetry for students.  Broken down into elementary, middle, high school, college, here are the coolest tools for the kids who want to rule the school.

Elementary “Teach Me Time” Alarm Clock ($40) up on the wrong side of the bed can make or break a student’s, or parents, day. For the little ones who are just learning to tell time, this clock helps. It has interactive time telling games, turns green when it’s OK to get outta bed, and also doubles as a night light! Boogie board tablet ($35) is a great tool for kids who are just learning how to write. It’s a screen that allows them to doodle and then erase with the touch of a button. It makes kids feel like their using technology to learn while having fun.

Goodbyn ($20) lunchbox puts the brown paper bag to shame. It’s an extremely well thought out design for children that encourages them to eat all their food because it’s presented to them in very manageable portions. I also love this product because it rids your life of those non-ecofriendly plastic bags, too. Asus Disney Pc ($350) kids used to laptops becomes fun with these Disney laptops from Asus. It’s light weight, has a spill proof keyboard, built in restrictions, personalized desktops for young family members and more.

Middle school and high school

Alien Alarm Clock ($19) you have a teen that hates it when you are the one who wakes them up, then let this alien pod be the one to do the dirty work.  Once the alarm goes off they have to shoot it to make it shut up!

Moshi Alarm Clock ($40) is a voice activated alarm clock that not only looks cool but will get you out of bed before mom gets a chance to nag you!  Simple touch “Moshi” and she’ll ask you what command you want to execute.  From here you can simply “tell her”to set the alarm, change the “sleep  sound” and all while changing colors!

Athena Netbooks ($599)www.athena4me.comWith this Windows 7 net book, it’s all about the design.  Sure you’ve gotten the 320 GB hard drive, a 3 pound weight and a 4-hour battery, but most of all, you’re rolling around school in style.

Mega Memory Watch 2GB ($20) the computer lab at school can be time well spent and when it’s time to transfer documents from school to home you’re covered!  This watch has a built in USB storage stick and looks cool on your wrist.

College iPhone 4 ($199)’m a mom of a 4 year-old and I get empty nest syndrome when he goes to a half day of preschool.  I can only imagine what’s going to happen when I can ‘t see his beautiful face each day.  Thanks to the iPhone 4, I can! Along with everything awesome that encompasses the iPhone, the application FaceTime allows mom to call her son and look at his baby blues whenever she wants!

Ecco Personal GPS Locator ($99) Heading to a new campus means new territory and new territory for many young students means anxiety over getting to and from class without getting lost!  This GPS enabled device is magic.  You hook it to your key ring and from your dorm room, or where ever, and hit the “1” button. Head off to class with confidence knowing you’ll find your way back. If you’re not sure which way is home, the device will point and beep your way back to your dorm room!  The device will also help locate cell phones, keys and cars!

Sony Dash ($199) is the ultimate alarm clock for the college student who likes to stay on top of their media from the moment they wake up to the second they go to bed, literally. The Dash sits next to your bed just waiting for you to touch it so it can show you everything from a movie on Netflix, a detailed weather report, play you Pandora radio or show you your Gmail.  Again, for the student who likes information to be accesable, the Dash is for them. MacBookPro ($1099, iPod Touch is FREE)’s the computer they really want to take with them to school. The MacBook Pro can handle all programs with top speed, has a large hard drive, a disc drive and burner and on all fronts is sure to make the grades.  This computer will last them all the way through college and far into the real world and with every MacBook comes a free iPod touch, which just sweetens the deal like no other!

Foldable Bikes ( $500) you’re going to a school in a major city or living in a dorm room where you just don’t trust your fellow students, then investing in an awesome bike is out of the question, or is it?  These folding bikes are ideal because they easily turn into a very manageable pile of rubber and metal with a few twists and turns.