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'We'll grow old together!' Woman reunited with car 43 years after it was stolen

It's a tale of love lost, and found again, decades later.
/ Source: TODAY

It's a tale of love lost, and found again, decades later.

Terry Dietrich was still a teenager in 1972 when she decided to splurge on the car of her dreams, a bright blue Corvette Stingray. And just six months later, her world was shattered when her precious car was stolen.

Dietrich told NBC's Frances Rivera for TODAY Sunday that for those six months, she "loved it, every minute of it." Until that day when her car was stolen from her office parking lot.

Dietrich said police gave her little hope, and told her that her beloved Corvette was probably gone for good.

"I was very sad," she said. "It took me a couple years to get over that."

Then, last October, a call came out of the blue to the Georgia native, telling her that her car had been found in North Carolina.

Because Allstate Insurance had already paid for her lost car, it no longer technically belonged to Dietrich. That is, until this past week, when Allstate gave her the surprise of her life: Dietrich's original insurance agent came out of retirement to hand-deliver the Corvette to her — on her 62nd birthday.

"Everything is just come back and looking so familiar," she said during the reveal, noting that her beloved car even sounded the same.

"I know it's old," she said. "But I'm old too! We'll grow old together."