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What you need for a winning Super Bowl party

Just in time for Super Bowl, Men’s Journal shares the ultimate gadgets, designed to bring the game right into your living room.
/ Source: TODAY

Next Sunday, homes across America will be tuned in to this year’s Super Bowl showdown between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s a chance to watch football, check out the hottest ads of the year and spend time with friends. Steve Santagati, the newly appointed editor-at-large of Men's Journal, was invited on “Today” to tell you what you need to make the ultimate Super Bowl party.

Set the mood
You can't have a Super Bowl party without a TV! Check out this Sony 61-inch plasma HDTV.  It’s Sony's largest plasma and comes at the bargain price of $19,999. The TV screen is flat and the whole thing weighs about 135 pounds, so you can either hang it on the wall or put it on a stand.

The picture, color and sound are so clear they suck you right into the game.  The set also comes with “memory stick” so you can play back your favorite moments, and the detachable speakers allow you to be right next to the action.

Looking to add on to the TV? For an extra $1,999, check out the Sony DAV-LF1 Dream Wireless Entertainment System, with speakers and a DVD player. The rear speakers can be put in any area of the house — with no wires running through other rooms.

Get down with the right
“Autumn Thunder: Forty Years of NFL Films Music,” is a 10-CD set with music taken from NFL highlight reels. For $100, these CDs can really get you psyched for the game.

Pre-game football
Why not take a look at the best highlights from Super Bowl pasts? NFL Films has put together a DVD collection with the best highlights from Super Bowls I to XXX.  There are three separate box sets, with each one containing more than 10 hours of NFL footage. For $65 a set, you can use these DVDs as a pre-party buildup.

Host with the most
As host of the party, you need the best seat in the house. And to ensure you don't miss a minute of the game, check out the Spherex RX2 chair. This lounger has a complete 5.1 channel Surround Sound System installed into its frame, with technology licensed by Xbox. I was told this chair moves, with vibrations so strong it almost feels like you’re at the Super Bowl yourself. You can hook up four Spherex chairs together. And for $1,500, less than what some people are paying to see the Super Bowl, why not relax in comfort? 

Worried about ruining your new chair with all the good eats at your party? No worries, it's stain resistant so it cleans up quickly, and more importantly, you won’t get electrocuted.

Don't forget to feed your guests
If you are entertaining, food will be a centerpiece of the evening. Where will you put it all? For the ultimate Super Bowl party you need to have the SkyBox Rookie Fridge. For $199, you never have to leave your chair. This refrigerator comes on wheels and has an 8-foot cord. Plus, with its custom display panels, you can show off your favorite football team on the front.

Contingency plan
If the game ends up being a blowout, play your own! The Madden Football Arcade Game, which sells for $5,800, can be found in sports bars, arcades and restaurants — and now you can have one at home. The John Madden console game, available for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, is the number one sports video game of all time, according to Men's Journal.