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What to wrap for baby: Great gifts to get

In Style magazine shares some tips from their list of must-have items for wee ones and their parents.  Editor Amy E. Goodman shares the scoop.

The bevy of bellies walking around Hollywood caught the attention of the folks at In Style magazine, so they decided to come up with the must-have list for the newborn baby. Amy E. Goodman is an editor at In Style and she shares some of the ideas on “Today.” Check out the items she discusses here:

First is a fun pink Eames style rocking chair that retails at $335 and is actually very light weight and actually quite comfortable. Forget the old wooden rocking chair for those late-night feedings and carrying your child into a sweet slumber, there is this stylish, Eames-like rocking chair by Modernica. It's comfortable, cozy and sure to have both of you napping in minutes! ($335; 510-530-7663)

Candeloo rechargeable lights:
For the child who is afraid of the dark, these bright beings — recharchable night lights by Candeloo — will bring calm and relaxation to chase the night frights away. An added benefit is that the lights are portable, last up to eight hours and pulsating — for gentle beams of light throughout the night. They are available in blue and green, as well as violet and orange. ($50, MOMA design store, 800-447-6662)

Caterpillar coat hanger:
When children learn to pick out their own clothes they feel responsible. Getting those clothes back on the hanger is a whole other lesson! But rehanging clothes was never more fun than with this colorful catepillar hanger, which can be used for coats as well as clothes. ($39 at Pylones, 212-317-9822)

Petit Parasol Bibs:
Add a spice of visual color to mealtime with fun patterned bibs by Petite parasol. You'll notice the unusal cut — modeled after a barber shop bib, which with the short sleeves means that baby will focus more on the food and less on yanking the bib off! ($20 by Petit Parasol, 888-738-4872)

Poppy and Mimi baby books:
Since your child's life will pass in a blink of an eye, capture the memorable moments in a chic scrapbook by Poppy and Mimi. Covered in gorgeous fabrics and cleverly designed to house all of baby's firsts, forget about the old scrapbooks of yesteryear covered with bows and bears! Courteney Cox is a fan of the retro confetti cover. (Scrapbook, $59 by Poppy and Mimi, 503-307-1865)

Life Size Kids baby clothes:
Giving the gift of clothing to tots is so often a challenge to piece together. But Life Size Kids "Best of Chums" clothing sets which include pants, a shirt and hat take all of the guesswork out of it. Not only adorable, the sets come in a sporty mesh bag. Madonna and Russel Crowe are both fans. (Life Size Kids "Best of Chums" clothing set, $44. Available at

Ikea padded mats:
For a terrific spot of color for a playroom or to soften the blow to baby's knees as she learns to crawl, these Ikea padded mats, made with a latex bottom prevent slipping. The oversized puzzel pieces can also be fun for an older child to piece together. ($12 each,

Sozo's Wee Blockers:
Protect yourself during diaper changes with a baby boy, by using Sozo's Wee Blockers. Designed to keep your baby's fountains of youth under control during diaper changes, this clever, light and washable little cup will keep both of you dry! (Bozo's Wee Blockers, $10 each. Available at

Loft table: convertible changing table:
Finally, a diaper changing table that you can convert into a chic cabinet or cocktail bar later! Netto Collections' sophisticated loft table affords you lots of compartments to store diapers and wipes, blankets and boxes. And once your toddler is potty trained, it serves as a sleek piece of furniture that suits any modern aesthetic. ($1,500 by Netto Collections. Available at Yoyamart, 212-242-5511).

More great items for baby:
-Little Twig Bath products made of all natural ingredients like chamomile, lavender and lemon, are soothing and cleansing for baby's splash time in the tub. (866-545-8944)-Gorgeous and plush handmade baby blankets by Three were made to be comforting for baby but also visually appealing to both tot and parents. (914-831-8822)-Marimekko's vivid Unikko quilt, will help stimulate newborn's eyes with its bright colors and pattern ($95, 800-527-0624).-Hable Construction's canvas storage box is great for stacking diapers. ($98, 212-343-8555).

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