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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

We knew all about New Yorkers, and we've heard big things about Texans, but what do you call someone from Connecticut or New Hampshire?

The answers might surprise you — and some will almost certainly leave you laughing.

A government-issued rundown of residential names is currently making the rounds on social media, and it's stirring up plenty of reactions.

It all started with a tweet from woman who just wanted answers.

"After about a dozen arguments about what to call residents of certain states, I finally googled and found the U.S. Government Publishing Office Style Manual," wrote Natalie Jackson. "Have fun with this, twitter."

And Twitter did just that when the collective community realized that not all naming conventions are created equal.

For instance, while Rhode Islander and Californian roll right off the tongue, just try saying Massachusettsan, Delawarean or Wyomingite five times fast.

Some state natives took issue with what they're supposedly called — like the Michiganders who are downright offended by the list's whole Michiganian thing.

And funny Floridians had something to say about their official moniker, too.

As did one Missourian ...

Ohioans, Wisconsinites and Illisnoisans all had their own nitpicks about the nomenclature.

And some entries left people from other states scratching their heads, like the one that revealed that residents of Hawaii are officially called "Hawaii residents."

But that one actually makes sense, given that the term Hawaiian was already reserved for the indigenous population of the state since long before it even became a state.

However, nothing makes the fact that folks from Indiana get a nifty nickname like Hoosiers OK, according to one commenter.

Well, at least there's one great unifier: We're all netizens online.