Wham!? MLB slugger's slow-jam walk-up song is a hit

To get pumped up for their turn at bat, most major-league sluggers choose an upbeat pop song or a get-psyched jam. But not Oakland A's slugger Josh Reddick.

Reddick saunters to the plate to Wham!'s sexy 1984 slow-jam "Careless Whisper."

Reddick may never dance again, but he's been hitting like a champ.

"Oh my gosh I love him," Savannah said Thursday morning on TODAY as the team watched the antics. 

A fan, jamming real hard to Reddick's tune.

The outfielder heard the song in the clubhouse over the weekend, and after performing well in a few games, decided to make it his anthem.

As the anchors chatted about the video, Matt Lauer made a surprising discovery: "You know what," he gasped, "I have it on my phone!"