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We're looking for the cheapest date in America

Are you the cheapest date or do you know someone who is? If so, find out how to participate in an upcoming segment on "Today."

Do you know someone who pinched too many pennies on a date? If so, send him/her our way! Or tell us about the cheapest date you've ever been on and we may include you in an upcoming series on "Today."

Here's how to participate:

Set up your video camera to face you (or have someone hold it). Look at the camera and tell us about the cheapest date you ever went on, or why you are the cheapest date in America. Or, if your spouse, friend, relative or co-worker is America's cheapest date, we want that too! Repeat your story a couple of times on the tape, just for safety. Please make sure the tape is five minutes or less.

Any video format is fine, but we like to avoid High-8. That particular format is often troublesome for our editing machines!

When finished, please send your tape to:

Cheapest DateThe Today Show 30 Rockefeller CenterRoom 568E-2New York, NY 10112


Your tape MAY air somewhere between March 20-24, 2006. (Due to tight deadlines and constant show changes, we will not be able to notify you in advance. So get those VCRs ready!)

Please note: Your videos and any of their content may be edited and used by NBC in all media, and WILL NOT be returned. Any materials you send in conjunction with this project become the property of NBC.

Please pass the message along to you friends, neighbors, etc. Please no phone calls.