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‘Weekend Today’ plays fantasy football

Welcome to the “Weekend Today” NFL Fantasy Football League!

NBC began its on-air season of the NFL and what better way to kick it off than to have a “Weekend Today” fantasy football league. As many of you may know, fantasy football is a phenomenon which now claims more than 15 million people around the country. And a few of them are at “Weekend Today.” In fantasy football, scores are calculated by examining the weekly stats of the real athletes. Your fantasy team gets more points if your player does well for his real team. Each week we'll calculate our “Weekend Today” teams and declare a winner at the end of the regularly scheduled football season.

• And the winner is ...

PA Powerhouse. Unstoppable for much of the season, the Powerhouse swept through the playoffs with ease, defeating Best Khep Secret in the finale by a score of 103-78. Lester's team, The Dundees, finished the season in 4th place with a respectable record of 8-8 and Campbell's team, the 4th and Longers, finished the season in 7th place with a record of 7-9.

In the overall point standings, Best Khep Secret finishes the season tied with the most wins and edged out PA Powerhouse for the most total points (Project Endzone also amassed 1378 total points, but finished in third with a record of 8-8). But because the Weekend TODAY fantasy league consists of a playoff mode and because Best Khep Secret lost to PA Powerhouse in the head-to-head final matchup, the Powerhouse is declared the overall winner of the league.

Congratulations to Danielle, Sameera and Don!

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• Week 14 | Lester's team on the cusp of making playoffs, Campbell's team struggling

With only one week to go before playoffs begin, Lester's team, The Dundees, surged to third place in the standings, strengthening his team's chances of playing for the coveted Weekend Today Fantasy Football Championship. After slumping for several weeks, quarterback Rex Grossman managed to get back on track in week 14, completing 13 of 23 passes for 200 yards in Chicago's win over rival St. Louis.

Still perched atop the standings in first place though is PA Powerhouse. A sure-fire lock for the playoffs, the Powerhouse have been nearly unstoppable all season with an overall record of 10-4. Quarterback Michael Vick continues to wreak havoc on opponents by ground and air and All Pro running back Tiki Barber became only the 21st player in NFL history to top 10,000 career rushing yards in week 14.

Sitting pretty in second place with a record of 9-5 is Best Khep Secret. Though plagued by injuries and inconsistencies at the quarterback position, running backs LaDainian Tomlinson and Edgerrin James have held the team together — combining for four touchdowns in week 14.

Losing in week 14 but still in the hunt for a playoff spot is Project Endzone with a record of 7-7. A mid-week move by team owners to pick up Dallas quarterback Tony Romo off waivers may provide the team with the push it needs to propel into postseason play. Wide receivers Steve Smith and Chad Johnson continue to provide one of the best one-two punches in the league and the team's Bears defense continues to put up solid numbers.

With a record of 7-7, Pitts or No Pitts trails Project Endzone by only 117 points and is sitting on the cusp of a playoff berth. The team faces off with The Westsiders in week 15 in a must-win match-up. St. Louis running back Stephen Jackson continues to carry team Pitts, running for a touchdown and 81 hard-fought yards against a tight Bears defense.

Trailing Pitts or No Pitts in sixth place are The Westsiders who in week 14, lost their third consecutive game. An inconsistent running back corps as well as a non-existent defense have done the team in as it hopes to play spoiler in the final two weeks of the regular season.

Campbell's team, the 4th and Longers, continue to drop in the standings and now sits in 7th place. A week 14 loss to the last place Outsiders didn't help matters as Patriots quarterback Tom Brady only managed to throw for 78 yards against Miami. The one bright spot has been Campbell's first round draft pick, Tony Gonzalez of the Kansas City Chiefs, who has had a career year, racking up nearly 800 total yards on the season.

Sitting in last place with a record of 4-10 are The Outsiders who won in week 14, but go up against the formidable PA Powerhouse in week 15.

• Week 13 | Campbell and Lester both pull off big wins

We're coming down the home stretch of the 2006 NFL season and things are heating up. Four playoff berths are at stake and most teams in the “Weekend Today” Fantasy League still have a legitimate shot of extending their seasons.

The biggest upset in week 13 came courtesy of Campbell's 4th and Longers. Currently sitting in 7th place, the Longers soundly defeated first place PA Powerhouse 101-63. A huge game from 4th and Longer first overall draft pick, Tony Gonzalez, helped the team pull off the huge upset.

Despite the loss however, PA Powerhouse remains firmly in first place with a record of 9-4. A season ending injury to quarterback Donovan McNabb proved only to be a bump in the road for the Powerhouse as back up quarterback Michael Vick stepped it up in week 13, passing for two touchdowns and rushing 10 times for 59 yards.

In second place despite losing in week 13 is Best Khep Secret. The team's been surging in recent weeks thanks in part to running back, LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson's been unstoppable all season long, solidifying himself as one of the greatest running backs the game has ever seen. He's scored 23 touchdowns in eight weeks and is having what many are calling, the best fantasy season of all time.

Another team experiencing a strong surge down the stretch is Project Endzone. At a record of 7-6, the Endzone have been helped by strong performances from running back Larry Johnson and the Bears defense, which this past week racked up 30 points for the Endzone in its win over The Westsiders.

Coming out of nowhere and entrenching itself solidly in 4th place is Pitts or No Pitts. A bottom dweller for much of the season, the Pitts have been on fire the past few weeks, culminating in this week's huge win over Best Khep Secret. Wide receiver Marvin Harrison had seven catches against the Titans for 171 yards and quarterback Carson Palmer continues to rack up the points.

Falling to fifth place is Lester's team, The Dundees. Quarterback Rex Grossman was unstoppable during the early portion of the season, but has struggled recently. Grossman's longest completion in week 13 was for 10 yards and the Bears had their lowest amount of first downs since 1941. Receivers, Torry “Don't call him Lester” Holt and Terry Glenn remain the team's bright spots.

Sitting in sixth place are The Westsiders, whose season has taken a turn for the worse in recent weeks. Inconsistent performances from its running back corps and the leveling off of Peyton Manning have all contributed to the slide. Sitting at 6-7, The Westsiders now only have an outside chance of making it to the playoffs and dissension is setting in within the team's ranks. “I really have to question many of the roster moves we've made,” said team co-captain Robert Ciridon. “I really don't know how we're sitting at 6-7.”

Fresh off their week 13 upset, the 4th and Longers are in seventh place at a record of 5-8. The team has an opportunity to make up serious ground in week 14 going up against the last place Outsiders.

In last place and having the unwanted distinction of becoming the first team with double digit losses are The Outsiders, who have been plagued by injuries and the misfortunes of several New York Giants players, notably quarterback Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress. The Outsiders won't have a chance to extend their season, but will have an opportunity to play spoiler in the final weeks.

• Week 10 | Campbell's McDreamy team loses steam

Lester's team squeezes out win in Week 10, Campbell's “hot” players cooling off

Mid-way through the 2006 NFL season, contenders are stepping up and pretenders are fading fast into fantasy league oblivion. Lester's team, The Dundees, edged out a narrow victory over The Westsiders to up the team's record to 5-5. The Dundees, currently in 5th place, have suffered from a rash of injuries to key players including Eagles running back Brian Westbrook and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck but have managed to continue winning thanks in part to quarterback Rex Grossman and running back Thomas Jones of the Chicago Bears.

Campbell's team, the 4th and Longers, however appear to be fading fast. Dropping to 7th place in week 10, the Longers received more bad news after week 10 when it was announced that Kansas City Chiefs tight end and first round draft pick Tony Gonzalez may be out for several weeks with an injured shoulder. Quarterback Tom Brady has also been struggling of late, going 25-37 with only one touchdown and one interception against the Jets on Sunday. The prospects of the Longers resurrecting their season in week 11 are complicated by the fact that they go up against Best Khep Secrets, a team that has been unbeatable in recent weeks.

PA Powerhouse remains in first place with a record of 8-2 despite being handed its second loss of the season courtesy of Best Khep Secret. Powerhouse's core of skill players continue to step up including quarterback Donovan McNabb and wide receivers Darrell Jackson and Andre Johnson. Running backs Tiki Barber and Fred Taylor also continue to put up impressive numbers for the Powerhouse.

Unstoppable of late and in second place after week 10 is Best Khep Secret with a record of 6-4. Running back LaDainian Tomlinson has been a one-man point producing machine, scoring 4 times on Sunday against the Bengals, bringing his touchdown total so far in the season to 16. The team's defensive unit of the Jacksonville Jaguars have also been stingy on defense, racking up 113 points total this season.

Routing The Outsiders by a score of 123-22 was Project Endzone. The Endzone had game changing performances from its receivers corps, Steve Smith and Chad Johnson, and upped its record to 5-5. Johnson awoke from a season long slumber by catching 11 passes for 260 yards and two touchdowns. Running back Larry Johnson also continued his on-field stampede by rushing for 75 yards and a touchdown. The Endzone face Lester's team, The Dundees, in week 11, and in a news conference this week threw down the gauntlet to its opponent. “If you thought snakes were scary, wait till you see our lineup,” said team co-captain Lisa Green.

Losing to The Dundees in week 10 by just 2 points, The Westsiders fall to 5-5 and slip to 4th place in the league. San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers threw for 337 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday but was benched in favor of Peyton Manning, costing The Westsiders valuable points. “We're lucky to have two great quarterbacks,” said team co-captain Robert Ciridon. “Unfortunately, in week 10 we didn't start the right one.” The Westsiders have already begun to regroup for week 11's match-up against The Outsiders by benching wide receiver Laveranues Coles for Bears receiver Bernard Berrian.

Pitts Or No Pitts continues its resurgence by defeating Campbell's 4th and Long team by 27 points. Quarterback Carson Palmer unloaded on the Chargers in week 10, doing most of his damage in the first half. He completed 31 of 42 passes for a total of 440 yards and three touchdowns. St. Louis running back Steven Jackson continues to run wild, scoring a touchdown and amassing 93 yards on the ground.

In last place with an offensive output of 22 points in week 10 are The Outsiders. The team has been plagued by injuries and only has one player (Eli Manning) who is over the 100 point mark for the season. But team co-captain Bob Meyer is not throwing in the towel just yet. “Anything can happen on any given Sunday,” Meyer said. “We'll be back.”

• Week 9 | Lester and Campbell fall in standings

Lester and Campbell's team drop to 5th and 6th place respectively in week 9

It was a rough week for Lester and Campbell. Lester's team, The Dundees, and Campbell's squad, the 4th and Longers, both lost their respective match-ups and fell in the “Weekend Today” fantasy football standings to 5th and 6th place respectively. The Dundees went head to head with PA Powerhouse in week 9 and came away with a season low 44 points. The Dundees were hurt by poor performances from its key offensive players including quarterback Rex Grossman and Thomas Jones, both from the Chicago Bears.

Campbell's team saw another game-breaking performance from first round draft pick Tony Gonzalez but it wasn't enough to lift the 4th and Longers to victory over The Westsiders. The 4th and Longers could only muster 59 points, its second lowest output of the season. Quarterback Tom Brady's four interceptions and zero touchdowns cost the team dearly as did a sure-fire touchdown pass dropped by Terrell Owens in the Cowboys matchup against the Redskins.

Remaining firmly planted in first place is PA Powerhouse, whose 84 point total this week was not consistent with its usual output, but it got the job done against The Dundees. Running back Tiki Barber and quarterback Michael Vick had significant contributions as did Houston wide receiver Andre Johnson.

The surprise of the week came from Best Khep Secret, who jumped all the way from 5th place to 2nd place. Their spectacular showing in week 9 proves that no team is out of the mix. “That's right, we're number 2 baby!” said team co-captain Andrea D'Ambrosio. The team was spurred on by the play of several key players. Running back LaDainian Tomlinson is on pace to equal Shaun Alexander's single season NFL record of 28 touchdowns in a season and has been unstoppable all season. If he remains healthy, Best Khep Secret remains a threat to go all the way. Falcons tight end Alge Crumpler has also had an amazing year, catching 6 touchdowns so far.

Trailing Best Khep Secret by only three points are The Westsiders who continue to ride the wave of stellar play from Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and receiver Reggie Wayne. Detroit running back Kevin Jones has also come on strong as of late and its San Diego Chargers defense has been impressive through nine games. Despite the team's strong showing, The Westsiders captains told the media this week that the team's looking to deal. “We've been in lengthy talks with a certain team about a running back trade,” said co-captain Aarne Heikkila. “We're doing everything we can to make this deal happen and we strongly urge this team to consider our very fair and mutually beneficial offer.”

One spot behind The Westsiders in 4th place is Project Endzone. The team actually has a higher point total than The Westsiders, but the Endzone lost a hotly contested head to head matchup with Pitts or No Pitts in week 9 which gives them five losses for the season. The team's core group of offensive performers, notably quarterback Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith did not suit up this week due to a bye week and the team's offensive production suffered as a result.

Climbing out of last place in week 9 was Pitts Or No Pitts. The team managed to defeat Project Endzone for its third win of the season. Running back Steven Jackson and receiver Marvin Harrison had huge weeks for team Pitts and helped make up for a less than stellar performance from quarterback Carson Palmer.

Slipping to last place were The Outsiders who have been plagued throughout the season with injuries to key players. Quarterback Eli Manning remains one of the team's only bright spots and the team got added bad news with reports that running back Shaun Alexander likely won't be back for another few weeks.

• Week 8 | Lester's team holds steady

Lester's team remains firmly in 2nd, Campbell's 4th and Longers drop to 6th place in week 8

An on-air shout out from Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez over the weekend didn't help Campbell's team as the 4th and Longers dropped three spots to sixth place in week 8. A stellar performance from quarterback Tom Brady and running back Chester Taylor were not enough to carry the team to victory over arch rival Project Endzone who appear to be firing on all cylinders.

Lester's team, The Dundees, however, held steady in 2nd place thanks in part to wide receivers Torry Holt who caught five passes for 48 yards and Terry Glenn who caught four passes for 52 yards. The Dundees didn't muster enough points for a win in week 8, but remain in second with a respectable record of 4-4 and 680 points.

Remaining firmly in first place with still only one loss are the league's powerhouse — PA Powerhouse. The team continues to be carried by its quarterback Donovan McNabb, who threw for 161 yards on Sunday, and the defense of the Baltimore Ravens. Wide receivers Darrell Jackson and Andre Johnson have also been a pleasant surprise for the offense, racking up over a hundred points each thus far in the season.

Shooting up one spot to third place are The Westsiders, who had the second highest point total in week 8 with 677 points. Quarterback Peyton Manning continues to be an offensive force, completing 32 of 39 passes for 345 total yards. His favorite target, wide receiver Reggie Wayne, also had a huge week, catching 10 passes for 138 yards and three touchdowns.

Tied for third place is Project Endzone, whose impressive win against the 4th and Longers in week 8 may have signaled a rise of a new powerhouse in the “Weekend Today” fantasy league. Unbeatable of late, Project Endzone continues to rely on its talented running back corps of Larry Johnson and Willie Parker who both came up big once again this weekend. Receiver Steve Smith and quarterback Jake Delhomme also add a lot of depth to an already potent lineup.

Following close behind in 5th place are Best Khep Secrets who handed The Dundees their 4th loss of the season in week 8. New pickup Chad Pennington only threw for 108 yards and had two interceptions this weekend, but running backs LaDainian Tomlinson and Edgerrin James helped pick up the slack with impressive running performances. Playing Anquan Boldin at wide receiver also continues to prove to be a good move for the team.

Sitting in seventh place are the Outsiders who have gotten decent performances out of its quarterback Eli Manning and corps of Giants players including Plaxico Burress. The team's running backs continue to under perform, notably Lamont Jordan.

Though the team racks up impressive numbers, Pitts or No Pitts continues to be beaten in head to head matchups, this week by The Westsiders. The team continues to get good output out of its quarterback and running corps but not in its wide receivers or tight ends.

• Week 7 | Competition starts to heat up

Lester and Campbell Running Neck And Neck

A week 7 loss to arch rival Pitts or No Pitts threw a wrench in the well-oiled machine that is The Dundees, but Lester's team continues to sit pretty in second place with 595 overall points. A deep bench proved valuable for the team as Rex Grossman continues to put up huge numbers at quarterback in the place of Matt Hasselbeck. First round draft pick Matt Hasselbeck is likely to be out for 3 weeks with a knee injury.

Campbell's team, 4th and Long, is tied with Lester's team at four wins and three losses but trails The Dundees in total points by 64, placing the team in 3rd place overall. Tight end and Campbell's first round draft pick Tony Gonzalez had one of his best games of the year, catching six passes for 138 yards. Tom Brady and running back Chester Taylor rounded out an impressive team performance for the 4th and Longers.

The biggest headline in week 7 though had to be the surprise defeat of PA Powerhouse. Unbeaten for 6 straight weeks, the Powerhouse was plagued by numerous injuries and played without their stellar defense, the Baltimore Ravens, who were on a bye week in week 7. The Powerhouse did not return our phone calls for comment.

Moving up a spot to 4th place were The Westsiders, who were carried by perennial all-star Peyton Manning. Despite getting the helmet knocked off his head during a sack in the first quarter, Manning came back to throw for four touchdowns. Newly added wide receiver Lavernanues Coles was impressive in his first start for The Westsiders against a spotty Detroit defense.

Close behind the Westsiders in 5th place is Project Endzone, whose key players all seem to be hitting their strides at once. Quarterback Jake Delhomme, running back Larry Johnson and receiver Steve Smith all started the season off slowly, but have strung together impressive performances these past two weeks.

Best Khep Secret falls to 6th place after a close loss to The Westsiders but trails Project Endzone by only one point. Quarterback Drew Bledsoe was benched early Monday night which cost the team valuable points but with a roster made up of stars like LaDainian Tomlinson and Clinton Portis the team is always a threat.

Trailing Best Khep Secret are The Outsiders with 465 overall points. The team has been hurt by injuries to key players like running back Shaun Alexander and is failing to get significant output from its playmakers at wide receiver and running back. The team could shock the world — or at least much of 30 Rockefeller Plaza — in week 8 if they're able to find a way to hand PA Powerhouse its second loss of the season.

Despite a big win over The Dundees, Pitts or No Pitts sits in last place with a record of 2-5. The team's 548 points, however, put it ahead of many other teams. If the team can edge out a win over the Westsiders this weekend, it may make a jump to the middle of the pack.

Week 6 | Lester gains ground

Lester's Team, The Dundees, Continue Its Winning Ways in Week 6

A huge game from Torry “Don't Call Him Lester” Holt helped keep the Dundees in second place after six weeks of “Weekend Today” fantasy football. Holt caught eight passes for 154 yards including an astounding three touchdowns in Sunday's match-up against Seattle. Quarterback Rex Grossman and running back Ronnie Brown also continue to have banner seasons for Lester's team.

But The Dundees were still unable to unseat the juggernaut that is PA Powerhouse. Sitting atop the rankings with a perfect 6-0 record, the Powerhouse are being propelled by quarterback Donovan McNabb, running back Reggie Bush and the defense of the Baltimore Ravens.

Best Khep Secrets made a surprising leap to third place in the standings in week 6, upping their record to 3-3 with a total of 454 points. First overall draft pick, LaDainian Tomlinson, has been unstoppable, running for 135 total yards and four touchdowns against San Francisco in week 6. Running back Clinton Portis' return from the DL has also helped BKS gain ground on PA Powerhouse and The Dundees.

Campbell's team, 4th and Long, dropped a spot in week 6 after a weak performance from Tennessee running back Chris Brown. A New England bye week also cost the 4th and Longers points at the quarterback position.

A strong performance from St. Louis Rams quarterback Marc Bulger and San Francisco running back Frank Gore are keeping the Outsiders within striking distance at 3-3 and with 404 total points. The team is still lacking a point producer at the wide receiver and tight end position however.

Falling another spot in week 6 are The Westsiders, who continue to be plagued by spotty running back performances. New addition Phillip Rivers at quarterback however, gave the team some much needed points after throwing for 334 yards and two touchdowns on Sunday.

Project Endzone is close behind with 461 points and finally got the performances out of quarterback Jake Delhomme and receiver Steve Smith that it has waited for. Running back Larry Johnson has also been racking up points for Project Endzone in recent weeks.

Rounding out the standings are Pitts or No Pitts. The Pitts continue to see strong showings from their corps of running backs, but are hurting in quarterback production. A highly anticipated match-up against The Dundees in week 7 may provide an apt time to change the lineup.

• Week 5 |  Lester's team jumps ahead of Campbell's

Lester's team, the Dundees, overtake Campbell's 4th and Long in Week 5

Squaring off head to head in week 5, Lester's team, The Dundees, managed to edge out a win over Campbell's 4th and Long team. Quarterback Rex Grossman and running back Brian Westbrook continue to put up huge numbers for the Dundees and the team finishes the week in second place overall with 430 points.

Seemingly unwilling to relinquish first place, PA Powerhouse continues an unprecedented run, spurred by the likes of quarterback Donovan McNabb and the Ravens defense. Showing no weakness, the Powerhouse remain the only undefeated team in the league.

Slipping down to third place and losing ground to Lester's team was Campbell's team, the 4th and Longers. Though always near the top of the standings, the 4th and Longers could not patch the Dundees vaulted offense and settles for third place with an overall total of 354 points.

The surprise team of week 5 was undoubtedly the Outsiders who, despite sitting near the bottom of the standings through week 4, shot up to fourth place this week. Quarterback Marc Bulger and running back Frank Gore form the core of the team and led the Outsiders to a win over rival Pitts or No Pitts.

Dropping down a spot to fifth place were the Westsiders. The team continues to be plagued by poor performances at the running back position and are in need of serious revamping.

Clawing its way back up the standings is Best Khep Secret with 331 total points. Team managers made a flurry of changes prior to game day which may have paid dividends. BKS and the Westsiders now both sit at 2-3-0.

After a promising week 4, Project Endzone failed to capitalize on its momentum, losing to Best Khep Secrets in week 5. Though running back Larry Johnson continues to perform remarkably well at running back, injuries have been a thorn at the team's side.

Pitts or No Pitts rounds out the standing and sits 10 points behind Project Endzone. The benching of quarterback Daunte Culpepper cost the team points. The team squares off with Best Khep Secrets in week 6.

• Week 4 |  Campbell's team makes a comeback

Campbell's 4th and Longers Climb Back Into Contention With Stellar Week

After sinking in the standings for several weeks, Campbell's 4th and Longers climbed back into contention this week by scoring 287 points, placing the team comfortably in second place. Wide receiver Santana Moss's three touchdown catches including the game winner in overtime capped off a strong team-wide performance. Other notables for the 4th and Longers were quarterback Tom Brady who completed 15-26 passes for 188 yards and tight end Tony Gonzalez who caught five passes for 59 yards.

Quarterback Rex Grossman and wide receiver Torry “Don't call him Lester” Holt helped propel Lester's team, The Dundees, to another impressive showing, vaulting the team to a third week finish. Running backs Ronnie Brown and Brian Westbrook continue to make up a formidable back field, racking up a total of 129 points so far in the season and receiver Terry Glenn has been having one of his better years in recent memory.

After taking over first place from the 4th and Longers in week two, PA Powerhouse has not looked back. Led by its quarterback Donovan McNabb and wide receiver Andre Johnson, the Powerhouse remain the only undefeated team in the league. “We thought this league would be competitive,” team co-captain Danielle Kowalski said. “We can go on cruise control from here on out and still win this thing.”

Coming in fourth place overall are The Westsiders who continue to be carried by quarterbacks Peyton Manning and running back Rudi Johnson. But the team continues to hurt at its receiver and second running back slots and the Westsiders appear poised to make some deals this week. “We're going to make several other teams offers they can't refuse,” said team co-captain Aarne Heikkila.

Led by power running back Frank Gore, the Outsiders are the surprise team of the week, climbing up two spots from last week into fifth place. Quarterback Marc Bulger had a strong showing in week four as did wide receiver Derrick Mason and team captain Bob Meyer warns that the team is one to look out for. “This week fifth place, next week fourth!”

Pitts or No Pitts have racked up a respectable 300 overall points, but had the misfortunate of matching up with PA Powerhouse in week four. Running back Steven Jackson has run wild for the Pitts, accumulating a team-high 61 points through four weeks in the season. Wide receiver Marvin Harrison continues to catch everything in sight, racking up 79 yards on seven catches in week four's match-up against the Jets.

The best managerial move in week four came from Project Endzone. Managers picked up running back Laurence Maroney, who rushed 15 times for 125 yards and two touchdowns this weekend. At times, Maroney's performance looked unfair as he had great holes to work with, showed great speed and used a stiff arm well after making the corner.

Best Khep Secrets rounded out the standings in week four. Though strong at the running back position with two of the game's best, LaDainian Tomlinson and Edgerrin James, the team has yet to find a consistent quarterback.

• Week 3 | Lester's team moves up to 2nd place

PA Powerhouse Still In First, But The Dundees Close In

Lester's team, The Dundees, continued its slow and steady climb up the standings in week 3 with an impressive 105 week total, putting the team in second place overall. Leading the charge for The Dundees was free agent quarterback pickup Rex Grossman and Eagles standout running back Brian Westbrook. The Dundees also got a solid showing from its Bengals defense and newly acquired receiver, New York Giant Armani Toomer.

PA Powerhouse, led by quarterback Donovan McNabb and the defensive play of the Baltimore Ravens, continue to ride high in first place for the second week in a row. Running backs Tiki Barber and Fred Taylor continue to provide a potent 1-2 punch for the Powerhouse and Darrell Jackson has been a pleasant surprise at the wide receiver position. In a biting critique of several of its fiercest rivals, the Powerhouse offered this explanation for its strong showing thus far: “We didn't use cell phones during the draft like some other teams, we went with our gut and it has paid off.”

Dropping to third place in week 3 were the Westsiders, who were hampered by poor performances from both its running backs, Rudi Johnson and Warrick Dunn. “We haven't been this disappointed since they cancelled ‘Joey’,” says team co-captain Robert Ciridon. The team's receivers however, continue to excel and quarterback Peyton Manning continues to impress, throwing for 219 yards against a stifling Jacksonville defense.

In 4th place is Campbell's team, 4th and Long. The 4th and Longers are running the ball well, with Chester Taylor and Tatum Bell combining for 200 yards in week 3. The team was dealt a significant blow however, with news of Terrell Owens' hospitalization after an apparent suicide attempt Wednesday. The 4th and Longers will need big games from its other two receivers Santana Moss and Nate Burleson in the coming weeks.

The strength of 5th place team, Pitts or No Pitts, continues to be its receiving corps, led by all-pro, Marvin Harrison. Harrison caught six passes for 94 yards in week 3 versus a strong Jacksonville defense and leads the team with 41 points thus far in the season. Quarterback Carson Palmer continues his impressive early showing — Steven Jackson of the Rams ran for 62 yards and caught three passes for 59 yards against Arizona.

Rounding out the bottom three teams in the league are Best Khep Secret, The Outsiders and Project Endzone. Best Khep Secret continues to be plagued by injuries and The Outsiders have failed to get much of an offense going all season. Things for the Outsiders got worse this weekend too when Shaun Alexander cracked his foot in week 3 and is expected to miss several weeks. Project Endzone's defense continues to carry the team but new free agents pickup Kurt Warner and receiver Steve Smith have failed to live up to pre-season hype.

• Week 2 | Campbell sinks to 5th place

PA Powerhouse Comes Out of Nowhere, Knocks 4th and Long Out of First Place

10 West — What a difference a week makes. Flying high in first place just one week ago, Campbell's 4th and Long team finished last in week 2 with a season-low 49 points, placing her team in 5th place overall. Tony Gonzalez and Tom Brady, two players who had tremendous first weeks for 4th and Long, failed to make significant point gains for the team in week 2 and star receiver Terrell Owens has yet to live up to his pre-season hype with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dundees (Lester's team) made steady gains in week 2 due in part to strong performances by Miami running back Ronnie Brown and Dallas wide receiver Terry Glenn and the team was able to finish week 2 one spot ahead of 4th and Long in 4th place. Yet the Dundees continue to show a weakness in the quarterback and second running back positions.

The story of week 2 though, was undoubtedly the surprise showing of PA Powerhouse. Quarterback Donovan McNabb continues to have a stellar season for the Powerhouse, racking up a total of 47 points over the course of two weeks. Tiki Barber and Fred Taylor have also proved to be a potent 1-2 punch in the backfield. Most surprising though, may be the performance of the Baltimore Ravens defense which has posted 54 points in only two weeks. The Powerhouse sits comfortably atop the standings with 190 points.

The Westsiders also continue to look strong, coming in second place overall with 176 total points. Quarterback Peyton Manning and running back Rudi Johnson continue to carry the team while Larry Fitzgerald and Reggie Wayne make modest gains at the wide receiver position.

Best Khep Secret saw a huge turnaround in week 2, thanks in part to quarterback Drew Bledsoe and running back LaDainian Tomlinson. LT showed just why he went first overall in the draft by racking up 47 huge points over two weeks.

Pitts or No Pitts sits in 6th place but is only two points behind 4th and Long. A strong weekend from receivers Marvin Harrison and Donald Driver are keeping team Pitts within striking distance of several teams. Quarterback Carson Palmer seems to have fully recovered from his knee injury sustained last season and appears poised to have a breakout performance in the coming weeks.

Project Endzone and The Outsiders both have the unwanted distinction of being the only two teams sitting at 0-2. Both teams are riddled with injuries and have yet to receive strong showings from their quarterbacks or runningbacks.

• Week 1 | Campbell takes the lead

Tony Gonzalez Propels 4th and Long to Stunning Week 1 Victory

10 West — A huge week one performance from Kansas City Chiefs tight end (and Campbell first round pick) Tony Gonzalez racked up 20 points for 4th and Long, placing the team comfortably in first place with 103 total points. Minnesota running back Chester Taylor also contributed to the impressive first week for the 4th and Longers with a breakout game, carrying the ball a career high 31 times for a total of 19 points. Wide receiver Terrell Owens and New England quarterback Tom Brady rounded out a highly-productive team lineup with 17 and 10 points respectively.

Lester's team, the Dundees, also had a strong showing in week 1, coming in second with 86 total points. They were powered by Eagles running back, Brian Westbrook who ran and caught for a total of 19 points as well as New York Giant tight end Jeremy Shockey, who had an impressive offensive showing against the Colts Sunday night. Team owner Lester Holt was happy with his team's performance in week 1 but was still disappointed with not being in first place. “Campbell better not be gloating about this on Saturday,” he said.

Westsiders first round pick Peyton Manning lived up to all the hype by completing 25 passes for 276 yards against the Giants Sunday night. A strong ground game from Rudi Johnson of the Bengals also helped offset a disappointing week 1 from Carnell “Cadillac” Williams, placing the Westsiders into a respectable third place. Team co-captain Robert Ciridon was a bit dismayed by week 1's results. “Who would have thought Tony Gonzalez would have had such a great game? Certainly not Campbell.”

PA Powerhouse edged out Project Endzone by three points, 78-75, but missed a golden opportunity to surge even further ahead in the standings by not starting Baltimore's defense or Jaguars running back Fred Taylor. Taylor rushed 21 times for 74 yards on Sunday and caught six more passes for 41 yards, racking up 20 points on the bench for the PA's.

Pitts or No Pitts first round pick, running back Steven Jackson, lived up to his billing by rushing for 121 yards on 22 carries. On Sunday though, the Rams failed to capitalize in the redzone and Jackson was left without a touchdown, costing the team valuable points. Also, Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison showed in week 1 that he remains a favorite target for quarterback Peyton Manning by pulling in nine passes for 113 yards in the Colts road win against the Giants.

Best Khep Secrets and The Outsiders rounded out the bottom two in the “Weekend Today” League.


4th and Long (Campbell's team)Tom Brady, QB, NETatum Bell, RB, DENChester Taylor, RB, MINSantana Moss, WR, WASTerrell Owens, WR, DALTony Gonzalez, TE, KCNate Kaeding, K, SDDef/Spec Team, Pittsburgh Steelers

The Dundees (Lester's team)Matt Hasselbeck, QB, SEAThomas Jones, RB, CHIBrian Westbrook, RB, PHITerry Glenn, WR, DALTorry Holt, WR, STLJeremy Shockey, TE, NYGJay Feely, K, NYGDef/Spec Team, Cincinatti Bengals

The Westsiders (Aarne and Robert)Peyton Manning, QB, INDRubi Johnson, RB, CINCarnell Williams, RB, TBLarry Fitzgerald, WR, ARZReggie Wayne, WR, INDTodd Heap, TE, BALNeil Rackers, K, ARZDef/Spec Team, Seattle Seahawks

PA Powerhouse (Danielle, Sameera and Don)Donovan McNabb, QB, PHITiki Barber, RB, NYGReggie Bush, RB, NODarrell Jackson, WR, SEARoy Williams, WR, DETKellen Winslow, TE, CLEMike Vanderjagt, K, DALDef/Spec Team, Indianapolis Colts

Project Endzone (Lisa and Amy)Jake Delhomme, QB, CARLarry Johnson, RB, KCJamal Lewis, RB, BALDeion Branch, WR, SEAChad Johnson, WR, CINChris Cooley, TE, WASJeff Reed, K, PITDef/Spec Team, Chicago Bears

Pitts of No Pitts (Lyne)Carson Palmer, QB, CINSteven Jackson, RB, STLWillis McGahee, RB, BUFDonald Driver, WR, GBMarvin Harrison, WR, INDJermaine Wiggins, TE, MINJeff Wilkins, K, STLDef/Spec Team, New England Patriots

Best Khep Secrets (Khep, Andrea and Kim)Drew Bledsoe, QB, DALEdgerrin James, RB, ARZLaDainian Tomlinson, RB, SDJoey Galloway, WR, TBRod Smith, WR, DENJason Witten, TE, DALShayne Graham, K, CINDef/Spec Team, Jacksonville Jaguars

The Outsiders (Bob and Hana)Eli Manning, QB, NYGShaun Alexander, RB, SEALamont Jordan, RB, OAKPlaxico Burress, WR, NYGRandy Moss, WR, OAKBen Watson, TE, NEJason Elam, K, DENDef/Spec Team, New York Giants

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