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Watch young boys' reactions when asked to slap a girl in the street

Young boys refuse to slap girl in video.

In a heartwarming new video, a group of young boys show men how to act.

Released on Sunday, the video spotlights the issue of male violence against women. In it a group of Italian boys ages 6 to 11 is introduced to a young girl on the street. The boys are asked by the cameraman to caress her, compliment her, make her laugh, and finally, to slap her.

Their reactions are priceless, and their decision is unanimous — no way are they hitting a girl. 

Produced by the Italian media company, the video ends with each boy explaining why he will not follow the order to slap the girl, named Martina. 


The reasons range from being against violence in general to saying that you don't hit girls.


The last boy answers it succinctly: "Why? Because I'm a man!" 

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